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Contura stoves - A warm welcome home

Contura is available in a number of models and sizes. We are sure that you will find a favourite.

Contura - Stoves for fireplaces

The soul that we incorporateinto all of our inserts stands for quality, assurance andhome comfort.

Contura i51 | Updated design and performance

The new Contura i50/i51 is completely new inside. The firebox now has more volume thanks to a new concave cast-iron base and vermiculite lining.

Contura i8 COSI | Surround kit for i8 cassettes

Creating the perfect fireplace for your home has never been this easy.

Contura i8

Our new Contura i8 cassette can be slotted into a custom-designed recess or an existing fireplace.

Contura 800 Style - Compact. Capable.

A heat source for any interior. And every personality.

Contura i61 - Raise your gaze

An elegantly designed stove with style to impress,but compact for easy positioning in any interior.

Contura 600 Style - Extra height, extra heat

Contura 600 Style with new design, new functions and better output

Contura 300 - Cubic comfort

Is it time to up the comfort factor? Then take a look at the Contura 300

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