Contura i8 cassette with options

Swedish Contura has launched a new fireplace cassette that will add to the comfort of your home, every day. The brand new Contura i8 built-in cassette provides glorious heat and views of the flames in all directions. It can be fitted into an existing fireplace or make a stylish centrepiece when you’re building your dream home.

Fireplace insert Contura i8 and i8G

Fireplace insert Contura i8G and i8

“The Contura i8 makes it easy to create a heart in your home where everyone can gather to enjoy one another’s company and the warming heat,” says Catharina Björkman, Marketing Communication Manager at Contura.

Contura is a Swedish stove manufacturer based in the heart of rural southern Sweden. Contura is driven by innovation and is a market leader in its field in Europe. What’s more, it has won a number of design awards. Contura also ranks highest when it comes to the cosiness factor.

About the fireplace Contura i8

Creative souls will be delighted by our brand new Contura i8 which can be integrated into almost any interior setting. The option of three-directional glass sides for maximum fire visibility could easily make it the focal point in any home. The robust door comes with a castiron frame for a subtle look and or a glass frame that enhances the effect of the generous glass door and sidelights. The Contura i8 is the perfect cassette to insert into an existing fireplace as it creates the same wonderful feeling of warmth, crackling sounds and glowing light as an open fire, but without the sparks.

This new built-in cassette produces an even heat and offers a high level of efficiency like all Contura woodburners. Contura’s Clean Burning System spreads the heat across the inside of the glass, which helps to keep it clean.

The Contura i8 can be fitted with a cast-iron or glass door, with glass facing one, two or three directions and it offers endless customisation options.

For more information, please contact:

Phil Wood, UK Sales Director for Contura, contact number 07976 811041 [email protected]


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