Contura i61 makes the hearth the heart of the room

Choose the Contura i61 if you want your stove to be the focal point. The stove has been designed by Myra design agency for Swedish Contura, and its compact, sleek look makes an impressive statement. Generous glass panels and an elevated firebox allow optimal visibility of the fire. The Contura i61 is available in an array of different designs.

Masonry fireplace Contura i61

Masonry fireplace Contura i61AN

New innovative stove

The Contura i61 is based on the bigger Contura i50 but is smaller and more compact. The large glass door gives it an airy look, slides upwards and has a widescreen feel. It has an ageless, Scandinavian design and exudes a clean and elegant look.

The Contura i61 is a bit of a chameleon – it can play the leading role in your home or blend into the background. The Contura i61 can be installed free-standing in the room or against a wall and since the firebox has been raised to a height of 57 centimetres the fire is always visible. It comes in white or natural artstone, black or white-enamelled steel or heat-retaining soapstone. Artstone can withstand great variations in heat and is also an excellent material for painting, which means your stove can come in any colour you like. The Contura i61 is also available as an insert. That lets you decide the style of the surround and ensure your home looks just the way you want it.

But the Contura i61 is more than just a beautiful face, it is packed with smart features too. As well as being a charming feature, the luxurious door opening makes it easier to reach the firebox and keep the fire burning. A new innovative damper allows the supply air to be regulated with a single lever for better control of the fire. The stove can be ordered with a log box and, thanks to a new assembly method, it is also easier to install the stove.

“The Contura i61 is the exciting result of our teamwork with Myra design agency. It shows how our innovative engineering skills and experience can be brought together with contemporary Scandinavian design to produce a stove that is right in line with modern living, ready to fit into any home,” says Catharina Björkman, Marketing Communication Manager at Contura.

For more information, please contact:

Phil Wood, UK Sales Director for Contura, contact number 07976 811041 [email protected]


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