Support and media

Download high resolution images of our stoves and accessories for use in advertisements or on websites. We publish our latest press releases and links to related material. You will also find technical documentation such as installation instructions, lighting instructions, declaration of performance and much more.

Braskamin Contura 810G Style

press releases

See our latest news and press releases. We use these releases to communicate new Contura products, unique functions and new surveys.

Installationsanvisningar till kaminer från Contura

instructions and manuals

Find our instructions on installations, manuals and measurements directions Everything you need to use your stove the right way.

Certifikat och dokument till kaminer från Contura

declaration of performance

The declaration of performance is required for the product to be CE marked and makes sure the stove meets the specified properties.

Energimärkning till kaminer från Contura

Energy labels

All of our wood burning stoves are marked with energy labels, to help you find the most energy efficient wood burning stove. All Contura stoves are environmentally friendy and already meet the emission requirements.

Ladda ner bilder och filmer på kaminer från Contura

media and images

Download media and images of our stoves and fireplaces. You can also find brochures, logos, drafts and more.

Here you will also find the following documents and media

Wood burning stoves from Contura

Selection of stoves and fireplaces

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