The Contura 500 series has become even more stylish

Contura's 500 series is the world's most popular stove. This year, all classic series models are a little more stylish. The series gets a cleaner look, new cast iron door with large glass area, door stop in the open position, longer handles that do not get hot and large sidelights. The stoves are Swan marked and have carbon dioxide neutral lighting.

Wood burning stove Contura 510G Style white

Wood burning stove Contura 510G Style

"It's great that Swedish Contura has the world's "hottest" stove, and fantastic that the entire series is now getting an updated, modern look with lots of options", says Phil Wood, UK Sales Director for Contura.

The world's most popular stove is smarter and more modern

Contura in Markaryd, in Småland, combines traditional Swedish engineering skill with modern design and environmental thinking and is the market leader in the field. Contura also makes the world's most popular wood burning stove, the Contura 500 series. The Contura 500 Style arrived as its successor last year. With its large glass door, improved functions and a new design gave it a more modern and cleaner look. The model immediately became a big seller and this year all models in the series will become part of the Contura 500 Style series.

Now the entire Contura 500 Style series gets new cast iron doors with large glass area that shows more of the fire. The handles are longer and easier to grip, in addition the handles and damper knob are made of a material that does not get hot when the stove is. On stoves with heat retaining soapstone, the surround now encloses the entire side light. All stoves in the series get a door stop for the open position that holds the door open whilst working with the fire or cleaning the stove.

Contura 500 Style can be customised to your own personal style. Position it on a pillar, a turntable, have a hatch for the log box, a heating fan, a hotplate or perhaps with heat retaining powerstone? Now everybody can create their own personal stove.

"Fire makes the home come alive and today the stove is part of the interior design. Elegant white steel or rustic soapstone? Just choose. Good heating economy and cosiness are all thrown in", says Phil Wood.

For more information, please contact:

Phil Wood, UK Sales Director for Contura, contact number 07976 811041 [email protected]


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