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Contura wood burner stoves are built to the highest standards of quality, offering a high energy output and outstanding style that is unlike any other on the market. Our log burning stoves are available in a number of models and sizes with many smart accessories. If you want to see the maximum of the fire choose from our wood burning stoves – most of the stoves have really generous glass areas on three sides.

Not sure which log burner or fireplace would best fit your home? Then use Contura's flexible and smart Stove Selector! With the Stove Selector, we recommend a wood-burning stove or fireplace that suits your needs and home, based on a few questions. It only takes a few minutes, so get started now and find your dream stove today!

Price includes VAT. Shipping costs are additional as are costs for the chimney, accessories and installation. Please contact your local dealer for a complete price.

Buy your wood burning stove or log burner from Contura and spread the heat!

If you want to see the maximum of the fire, you should choose a wood burning stove with generous glass on three sides. If you place your stove in a corner, we recommend that you choose a model with a front glass only. If you want to see even more of the fire in your stove, choose our turntable option and get stepless rotation in 360 degrees! The wood-burning stoves have very efficient combustion chambers with an efficiency of up to 82%, which is one of the absolute best on the market according to multiple independent tests.

Build and create your own log burner or fireplace

Did you not find a log burner/wood burning stove that suited your taste and needs? Why not create your own personal wood stove or fireplace with our handy and smart “Build your stove” feature! Design and create your own log burner and experience your new stove in 360 degrees. You also get the option to place their new fireplace or log burner in your home with the help of your mobile phone and our smart AR-tool. This helps you visualize how your new dream stove would look in your home before getting it installed.

What are the benefits of a wood burning stove?

There are a lot of benefits of owning a wood burning stove, besides from the great design and the cozy feeling it brings. A wood burning stove is CO2 neutral, because the carbon dioxide produced during the efficient combustion of bioenergy is taken up in the same quantity as new trees are growing. So while the wood burning stove relieves the load on the house’s main heating by being a natural supporting heat, it also benefits the environment.

The stove heats up quickly and start generating heat just minutes after being lit. The fireplace spreads the heat whilst being lit and then cools down soon after the fire has gone out. There is also more long lasting heat options in our Powerstone heat tank or Soapstone options that can retain heat for several hours after the fire has gone out. Our Fireplaces are available in sheet metal in several different colors and sizes, choose from different tops and several smart storage options.

wood burning stove
Personal wood burning stoves with smart functions

After buying a Contura wood burning stove, it will be a part of your home for a long time to come. Therefore, we offer a wide selection of options and variations for you to be able to personalize your fireplace after your own taste and design. Whether your stove will serve in your living room, kitchen, cabin or a larger area in your house you can match your wood stove with the rest of the decor. Anyone who lives in a climate with colder autumns and dark winters knows that there is nothing cozier than a nice and warm fireplace. The wood burner will therefore be a central piece in your interior design and the stove will create the very essence of the room. Please have a browse of our collection of wood burning stoves, and if you need help narrowing your choice down, take a look at our wood burning stove selector. If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to visit your local UK dealer.

There is a lot of reasons to buy a wood burning stove. What's yours?

- You love the warmth of a fireplace?

- You want to reduce your heating costs?

- You want the coziness a log burner provides?

- Create a warm and comfortable atmosphere to match your decor?

- You want to take the step from fossil fuel to renewable energy?

- You want a more enviroment friendly lifestyle?

- You want to be less depending of electricity supply?

This list is full of reason for you to invest into a Wood stove for your home. Unsure what Fireplace that fits your needs and preferences? Try our Stove selector tool and get wood burning stove recommendations in just a few clicks!

Light your fireplace or wood stove the right way

Reducing heating costs with a fireplace is not only economical, but it also has ecological benefits. With the right ignition technology, you get a less expensive, and very environmental friendly heating method all at once.

- If your fireplace is more than 10 years old, consider replacing it with a newer model. Modern wood burning stoves and fireplaces produce up to 90% cleaner and 40% more effective heat than previous models.

- Always use dry firewood.

- Light the fire from above so the fire can grow slowly.

- Make sure the fire is getting enough oxygen.

- Be careful to only use as much firewood as the manufacturer recommends. Usually this is a maximum of 2-3 kg of wood per hour.

- Dry firewood is what burns the best and is most eco friendly. Store the firewood indoors for at least 24 hours before lighting. Frozen wood results in a particularly poor heat yield.

Contura wood burning stoves

New wood stoves and fireplaces

Contura i8 Cassette

Contura i8 Cassette

Customise your fireplace with our new Contura i8 cassette.

Contura 800 Style

Contura 800 Style

The new Contura 800 Style features an updated, even more elegant design.

Contura i61

Contura i61

Contura i61 - The warm heart and hearth of your home.

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