Build your stove in 3D
Now it is easier to choose a stove!

Build your stove

Build your own wood stove via Contura's new web app, take a photo with your mobile phone in the location you would like to place the stove – and you’ll have a picture of what your dream home will look like! The web app is easy to use and displays beautiful 3D images.

1. Choose stove series

Start by choosing the stove series by clicking on the series' cover image. If the stoves are available in different sizes, you will then have to choose whether you want to configure a low or high model.

Choose stove series

2. Choose your style

Choose from a list of current models in the selected series. Do you want a stove with only front glass or with side glass as well? You may want heat storage in the form of soapstone or a stove with a column base. When you have decided on a suitable model, click "NEXT" to continue.

Choose your style

3. Choose your design

Here you can choose what color you want on the stove body, what type of door you want, as well as your preferred top. By clicking on "CHOOSE ACCESSORIES" you get a quick overview of available accessories. Design and accessories are governed by which model you have chosen to configure. When you are done with your choices, click "NEXT" to continue.

Choose your design

4. Summary of choices

You are now presented with a summary of your personalized stove. Download a PDF file with your choices and then click on "CONTACT DEALER" to find your nearest store. Do you want to see what the stove looks like in your home? If you are using a stationary computer when building your stove, you can scan the QR code with your mobile phone to place the stove. If you use your mobile or tablet, just click on the "3D / AR" symbol to place the stove.

Summary of choices

Start building your stove with our web app

All you have to do is click on the "Build your stove" button below. Then just start exploring the range of stoves, choose a model and then start building.

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