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When you buy a fireplace insert from Contura for your wood burning stove you get Swedish design and quality of the highest class. We have fireplace inserts for installation in a Builder’s Opening or inserts for those who have their own ideas and want to design their own fireplace.

Not sure which log burner or fireplace would best fit your home? Then use Contura's flexible and smart Stove Selector! With the Stove Selector, we recommend a wood-burning stove or fireplace that suits your needs and home, based on a few questions. It only takes a few minutes, so get started now and find your dream stove today!

Price includes VAT. Shipping costs are additional as are costs for the chimney, accessories and installation. Please contact your local dealer for a complete price.

Design your own fireplace with a Contura fireplace insert

Contura gives you a fireplace insert that can match both the interior and architecture of your home. Each fireplace insert is designed with a large glass front to provide a maximum view of the fire within, allowing you to create a stunning fireplace without compromising energy efficiency. Fireplace inserts with angled doors give you the freedom to create a unique fireplace and we offer a range of different sized fireplace inserts to suit various openings.

Build and create your own log burner or fireplace

Did you not find a log burner/wood burning stove that suited your taste and needs? Why not create your own personal wood stove or fireplace with our handy and smart “Build your stove” feature! Design and create your own log burner and experience your new stove in 360 degrees. You also get the option to place their new fireplace or log burner in your home with the help of your mobile phone and our smart AR-tool. This helps you visualize how your new dream stove would look in your home before getting it installed.

Contura i4 mounted

Contura i4 mounted in already existing fireplace. The fireplace has been plastered, painted and given a hot air grille.

Do you have an open fireplace already? Upgrade to an fireplace insert instead!

An open fireplace is cozy and nice, but unfortunately it does not provide much heat energy to your house. An open fire usually draws more heat out of a room than it ads. With a fireplace insert you can instead create your own style at the same time as your heat economy improves. The heat generated is emitted mainly through the glass in the door of the stove. The radiant heat is very pleasant and provides a nice and cozy indoor climate. You can either design your own masonry fireplace or easily fit the fireplace insert into your already existing fireplace. With Contura fireplace inserts, you can preserve the style you already have, or choose to create a more modern look. Whatever you choose, you get natural heating with modern combustion technology and a generous glass view that shows as much of the fire as possible.

Contura i40 insert

Stove insert Contura i40 with angled door. Built according to the customer's wishes in a newly produced house. The surrounding goes all the way up to the ceiling.

Fireplace inserts for site-built fireplaces

As in all our products, the fireplace in our fireplace inserts is easy to light and reaches full effect within a few minutes. You can place the fireplace insert in a self-designed construction that matches your interior. Our large fireplace inserts have a substantial combustion chamber and hold firewood up to 50 cm and have an efficiency of as much as 81%. Our smaller fireplace inserts are perfect for you who want to create a fireplace where, for example, the insert is to be placed higher up. If you want to experience more of the fire, we recommend a model with glass on two or three sides. If you place your wood burning stove in a corner, only front glass may be preferable. Whichever model you decide on in the end, we are sure that we have the stove insert for your needs.

Fireplace inserts
Which materials are used for fireplace inserts?

A site-built fireplace can do wonders in your living room. The only thing that is hindering your creativity is that you need to follow the fire safety regulations since it is important to use fireproof and heat-resistant materials for your stove insert. If you like the rustic and natural look, you can dress your fireplace insert with stone, such as slate, granite or soapstone. If you want a more modern look insted, you can use concrete, sheet metal or calcium silicate that is filled and painted. No matter what materials you use, the main thing for us is that the fireplace suits you and your home. If you already have a certain look in mind och want to discuss your options, contact your closest Contura dealer to discuss your wishes and get help from our experts.

Benefits of Contura fireplace inserts

  • Panoramic glass - Contura fireplace inserts have a large panoramic glass to display as much of the fire as possible.
  • High efficiency - Contura stoves have a very high efficiency, that means you get a lot of energy emitted from the heating element without using as much firewood as you used to.
  • Made in Sweden - Contura fireplace inserts are high quality products designed and manufactured in Sweden by NIBE Stoves.
  • Clean Burning-System - At the back of the stove there is an additional duct system for distributing preheated combustion air. The stove keeps the fire burning effectively and for a long time, which enables it to produce much heat at a lower cost.
  • Powerful convection - The cold air in the room enters the stove from beneath, gets heated up and after only a few minutes the warm air is distributed into the room.
  • Easy to handle - All Contura stoves are equipped with a single regulator to control the entire stove, for you to be able to easily and precisely control the combustion energy in the simplest manner.

Energy efficient cast iron fireplace inserts

Our cast iron fireplace inserts are manufactured with the latest combustion technology, which means they are very energy efficient. Like all our products, our fireplace inserts are easy to light and reach maximum heat output within a few minutes. Each stove insert is thoroughly tested both for quality and function and P-marked by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute. 5-year warranty applies.

For more information about our stove fireplace inserts or our other wood burning stoves please contact a UK Contura dealer near you.

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Contura 800 Style

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