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510G Style



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  • White

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£ 2695

  • Front

    Fire visibility


  • Värmeförmåga

    Heating area


  • Effekt


    5 kW

Popular basic model with new, tough glass door and white or black exterior. The glass door gives the Contura 510 a modern facelift. The fire does not just heat, it lights up the room through the generous door.

510G Style
510G Style
510G Style

500 Style Series

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510G Style, black with painted aluminium top

510G Style

Black with painted aluminium top

£ 2695

510G Style, black with glass top

510G Style

Black with glass top

£ 2860

510G Style, black with soapstone top

510G Style

Black with soapstone top

£ 2910

510G Style, white with painted aluminium top

510G Style

White with painted aluminium top

£ 2805

510G Style, white with glass top

510G Style

White with glass top

£ 2970

ASF – Automatic Start Function
Is an ingenious function that automatically controls the lighting air through the grate. It means that the door can be shut at the same time that the start-up fire is lit and the stove therefore becomes completely independent of room air. Which means it feels safer not having to leave the stove with an open door during the start-up fire.
Adjustable feet
Adjustable feet ensure the stove is level on uneven floors.
Clean Burning System
In the rear of the stove there is an extra duct system for spreading preheated combustion air. The system is called Clean Burning and is activated by sliding the control on the front to the left. The stove burns efficiently and for long periods resulting in a combustion with very low particle concentrations.
Cool-touch handle
The handle for opening has been designed so that it does not get hot.
Glass door
The door in glass gives a modern look.
Log compartment
A practical compartment under the stove which keeps the logs in order.
RBF – Refuelling Boost Function
With the boost function you can ”save” embers that have nearly died. You just open the handle on the left, new oxygen flows in from below and brings out the embers so that the new wood catches light. After a short time you can once again enjoy a beautiful fire and heating.
SSA – Silent Sliding Ashtray
Beauty in the smallest detail we say – and mean it. Contura's new ashbox, which, thanks to its design and damping function, slides quietly and softly during emptying.
Simple to use
Contura products are equipped with a single control for exact output regulation, which allows simple and precise combustion control.

Contura Fan

Floor protection

Contura Floor protection


Contura Hotplate

Outdoor air inlet

Contura Outdoor air inlet

Soft-close door

Contura Soft-close door


Contura Turntable

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Maximum heating area
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