Contura 300 – cubic comfort with variation

Swedish Contura has the hottest news – a range of stoves that can be customised to any taste and home. The cube-shaped Contura 300 range offers a multitude of variations. Its wide-screen-window displays the fire in all its glory, the log box can be placed either side of the fireplace, and the firebox takes logs half a metre long.

Wood burning stove Contura 330

Wood burning stove Contura 330 with log boxes

“The Contura 300 range focuses strongly on design and performance and is a fireplace for those who like piecing things together,” says Phil Wood, UK Sales Director for Contura.

And what a choice! Will it be a black or white surround? Soapstone or artstone? A glass or cast-iron door? Where will you have the log box? The new Contura 300 is a woodburner that becomes what you want it to be, with a focus on design and performance from the inside out. The surround is available in natural artstone or soapstone, which creates an exclusive feel and also stores the heat and maintains the temperature for longer.

The firebox takes logs up to 50 cm long. The log box comes in various sizes and can be placed in three different ways. And the fire is displayed to its best advantage through the large wide-screen window. The wood burning stoves can be complemented with a hotplate, drawer (below the firebox and inside a log box) and a black glass hearth plate.

Contura 310 – superlative design from the inside out with a firebox that takes logs up to half a metre long. You choose the position of the log box. The handle is made of comfortable Contura softshell.

Contura 330 – can be fitted inside an existing masonry chimney and in combination with the practical log boxes. Available in black metal and with a glass door.a.

Contura i7 – the insert model of the range. i7 lets you customise the fireplace to suit your home and personal taste. It can be placed inside a fireplace or a custom-made space that you design yourself. The Contura i7 is black, and available with a glass or cast-iron door.

“The new Contura 300 is our cubic comfort range, just the way you want it,” says Phil Wood, UK Sales Director for Contura.

Contura is a Swedish stove manufacturer based in the heart of rural southern Sweden. It produces state-of-the-art stoves with great respect for the environment. And not only are their emissions far lower than earlier models, they are kind to the wallet too. Contura in Småland is the European market leader in the field and combines traditional Swedish engineering skills with modern design and finger tip sensitivity.

For more information, please contact:

Phil Wood, UK Sales Director for Contura, contact number 07976 811041 [email protected]


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