Contura i51 is easy to position, attractive and efficient

Contura now introduces a new insert that displays the fire in three directions through the large glass sidelights. Contura i51 has a modern design for modern houses, is easy to position, heat efficient and is available with a log box that can be used as both a bench and a storage surface. "Bold grey or classic white? There is a range of attractive versions for your own interior style. The new, black steel frame is unique to us", says Phil Wood, UK Sales Director for Contura.

New insert for the modern home shows a lot of the fire

There has long been a demand for an insert with style and function for newly built modern houses. The design of Contura i51 is clean and modern and differs from previous versions in that the new fireplace insert has three large sidelights for maximum visibility of the fire. An easy to position log box is available as an attractive surround option, and works as both a decorative and practical bench or storage surface. Contura i51 is available in a range of versions:

  • Artstone white – elegant insert suitable for most homes
  • Artstone natural – concrete with bold, grey look.
  • Soapstone – Comforting, heat retaining natural stone with natural variations in nuance
  • Sandstone – natural stone with heat retaining properties, variations in beige nuances
  • Black steel – classic, graphic black steel surround, an affordable option that can be supplemented with heat retaining powerstone.

The fireplace is easy to position

Contura i51 is only half a metre deep and can stand directly against a combustible wall, which makes it easy to position. Easy and comfortable care both when lighting a fire and when emptying the ash with easy grip controls that blend into the design. The insert has generous areas of glass on three sides and Contura Clean Burning system for maximum fire visibility.

Modern homes also have modern heating technology, which means that a slight negative pressure is created in the building. It is therefore important that the building's fireplace is properly sealed. Contura i51 is designed for modern heating technology and takes all air from the outside. All inserts are seal checked before leaving the factory.

"Contura i51 produces a lot of heat and comfort from each log used. The modern combustion technology also means that lighting is easy on the environment", says Phil Wood.

For more information, please contact:

Phil Wood, UK Sales Director for Contura, contact number 07976 811041 [email protected]


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