Explore our wood burning stove series

Homes come in many styles and sizes. It’s good to know that you’ll always find something in our range with design and features that last a lifetime. You can light up your stove with a clear conscience, knowing that you are being kind to the environment and your wallet. Contura has a stove that suits your style, whoever you are.

Soapstone stove Contura 320T

Is it time to up the comfort factor? The Contura 300 is the perfect choice if you know how you want your stove to look. You’ll discover almost endless variations for building the stove or cassette exactly as you want it.

Wood burning stove Contura 596G Style

Contura 500 Style is Europe’s most popular stove range – with good reason. The clean lines strike a modern note that blends into all homes. The Contura 500 Style is a stand-out choice if you appreciate an attractive, stylish and innovative stove that delivers instant comfort.

Wood burning stove Contura 690AG Style

A fire is an eye catching centrepiece to a room. The stoves in the Contura 600 Style series have become more attractive all round: they heat better and have both improved and new features. But most of all they have been redesigned, have new surrounds, doors and colours.

Wood burning stove Contura 890G Style

The Contura 800 Style features an updated, even more elegant design. But above all, added features for easier fire lighting and tending. With a wide range of models and add-on options, you can be sure of finding your ideal stove.

Fireplace Contura i51

Modern houses often have a style that best fits with modern form. Contura i50 has generous glass on three sides and surrounds in wonderful materials so that you can create the environment that you want.

Fireplace Contura i61A

Live the dream and enjoy the cosiness together – with the Contura i61. A stylish and elegantly designed fireplace that makes an impressive statement. The unique and elegant wide-screen door enhances the presence of the fire in the room.

Fireplace insert Contura i8

All homes are unique. When you’re creating your dream home, you’ll also want your fireplace in exactly the right spot. Our new Contura i8 cassette can be slotted into a custom-designed recess or an existing fireplace.

Build your dream fireplace with Contura i8 COSI

Creating the perfect fireplace for your home has never been this easy. The Contura COSI surround kit is engineered from a lightweight material that is simple to install around our Contura i8 cassettes. Contura COSI comes in several dimensions, so you can build your fireplace where you want it.

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