Contura Cosi
Surround kit for Contura i8 cassettes

Contura i8 COSI Fireplaces

Creating the perfect fireplace for your home has never been this easy. The Contura COSI surround kit is engineered from a lightweight material that is simple to install around our Contura i8 cassettes. Contura COSI comes in several dimensions, so you can build your fireplace where you want it. Filling and painting the boards requires little effort. Thanks to Contura COSI, it’s never been easier to build the fireplace of your dreams!

Calcium silicate board - Safe and versatile

Contura i8 cosi

Contura i8 cosi in three different versions

Paint the surround kit in any color

Calcium silicate is an extremely durable material that resists temperatures up to 1000°C and is easily worked with standard tools.

Contura COSI comes as ready-to-build kits. This cuts down on installation time and gives you greater flexibility when choosing where to position your fireplace.

The material has a high insulation performance which means your fireplace can be installed directly against a combustible wall and close to combustible materials. Everything you need for installation is included.

Installation of the Contura i8 COSI Fireplace

We show you, step by step, how to assemble the fireplace Contura i8 COSI.

Cosi surround kit for Contura i8 cassettes

- Tall options are designed for a ceiling height of 2500 mm.

- Lowest ceiling height of 2330 mm for tall options.

- Can be installed directly against a combustible wall thanks to the built-in protective screen.

- Extension kit 600 mm is an optional extra.

- Discreet air intake for convection air at the base. Available for all Ci8 cassettes.

Contura i8 cosi glass panels on three sides (tall model)

Contura i8 Cosi tall, glass on three sides

Tall, glass on three sides.

Height 2480 mm | Width 725 mm | Depth 450 mm

Contura i8 cosi with glass panel on left side

Contura i8G Cosi tall, glass on 2 sides

Tall, glass on 2 sides, right or left side

Height 2480 mm | Width 835 mm | Depth 450mm

Contura i8 cosi with glass panel on 3 sides (low model)

Contura i8GL Cosi low, glass on three sides

Low, glass on three sides.

Height 1650 mm | Width 725 mm | Depth 450 mm

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