Guides and information about wood stoves

Here you will find facts and tips about our wood burning stoves. In the installation instructions you can find all technical data about our stoves and in the lighting instructions you will find information about how to light the stove in the right way. When you buy a complete fireplace from contura you always get a five-year factory warranty, good service and parts availability are additional assurances during the service life of the stove.

Range of Contura stoves

Stove selector

Contura wood burning stoves comes in all shapes and sizes. Use our stove selector to find the perfect one for you. It only takes a minute.

Contura AR-tool

View our stoves in your home

Pick a wood burning stove and place it in your home using our AR tool on your phone. Get a quick look at how the stove will fit in your home.

Heat retaining Contura stoves

Heating properties

A heat tank and hot air damper offers great solutions for storing heat longer. Powerstone has excellent heat storing abilities and evely distributes the heat over a long period of time.

Installing a wood burning stove

Install your log burner

How do I install a wood burning stove? Replace your old stove with a new one get your heating cost down. We will help and guide you through the whole process.

Lighting instruction video

How to light your stove

If its your first time using a wood burning stove, we will teach you everything you need to know. We will show you how to light your fire and how to take care of your wood.

Frequently asked questions Contura

Frequent questions and answers

What is a declaration of performance? What do i need to install my stove? Find the answers to all your questions.

Environment friendly stoves

Environment smart wood stoves

All of our stoves are marked with energy labels and meet the demands of the European Union’s Ecodesign Directive.

Do I need a building application?

Ask your local authority for advice regarding building regulations. Before installing a stove or erecting a chimney it is necessary for you to make a building application permission to your local authority. 

Contura stoves and fireplaces

Wood stove related content

Contura brochures

Contura brochures

Take a look at our brochures and be inspired by the cosy and warm environments.

Contura Stove selector

Stove selector

Use our guide to find the right stove to meet your needs. It’ll only take a minute.

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Contura dealers

We have a network of appointed dealers across the whole of the UK. Find your nearest!

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