Environmentally smart stoves
Comfort with a clear conscience

Light with the environment in mind

Everything we do has an impact on the environment in some way. Today, we often have the opportunity to influence to what extent. One way to contribute to a reduced environmental impact when choosing a stove is to select a high-efficiency, modern clean-burning appliance with the latest combustion technology. At Contura, we place stringent requirements on our manufacturing processes. This means our products can be recycled without the spread of toxic substances.

Energy labelling

The European Union’s Energy Labelling Directive establishes a framework to reduce adverse environmental impacts of energy-related products and helps you choose the most energy-efficient products. Woodburners in the A energy efficiency category offer high efficiency and thus low running costs. This is what Contura means by comfort with a clear conscience, both today and in the future.

Light your wood stove properly

The requirements for efficient combustion are also high. It is during combustion that unhealthy particulates and hydrocarbons are formed. Contura stoves have a combustion efficiency that puts them below the permitted limits, provided that you light properly. Learn more about how to light effectively and with most efficiency. It is the best for you and the environment.

Co2 neautral wood burning stoves

A wood burning stove is CO2 neutral, because the carbon dioxide produced during the efficient combustion of bioenergy is taken up in the corresponding quantity as new trees are growing.

By lighting, you get a natural supporting heat in the house, which relieves the load on the house's main heating. It benefits both you and the environment.

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