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Contura design and manufacture a wide range of scandinavian stoves that are ideal for bringing warmth into any environment. As a leading manufacturer of wood burning stoves in Scandinavia and across Europe, we are passionate about the quality of our products and integrate the highest standards of quality, efficiency and timeless class across our entire selection.

Our entire focus on your new stove

Due to the present international situation, Contura is also experiencing difficulties in obtaining materials and components, which is having an impact on our production and delivery capabilities.

Sadly, the delivery situation has been further complicated by rising electricity prices and extreme demand for our stoves. We are doing everything we can to deliver as many wood stoves & fireplaces as possible during 2023.

We are working intensively to find new solutions that will enable us to increase production capacity and meet the high demand. We apologise for the delay and hope for your kind understanding in this matter.

Our focus now is entirely on getting your new Contura stove to you as soon as we possibly can!

Wood burning stove

Contura wood burning stoves

Contura wood burning stoves are built to the highest standards of quality, offering a high energy output and outstanding style that is unlike any other on the market.

Wood burning stoves

Contura soapstone stove

Contura soapstone stoves

Soapstone stoves produce and store heat at maximum output. Thanks to the heat retaining properties of soapstone, heat is produced at a comfortable and even level.

Soapstone stoves

Conturas stove collection

Contura stove collection

See our selection of scandinavian stoves. We have a wide selection of modern and efficient stoves, which suits you best?

Contura stove collection

Discover our wood burning stove range

Contura is available in a number of models and sizes. Common to all of them is a generous area of glass that shows a lot of the fire as well as Swedish design, quality and manufacturing.

Discover our stove series

Fireplace Contura i51 with updated design

Contura i50 – a popular insert in our product family. Now with an updated design and new smart features. The Contura i51 is a versatile fireplace that is simple to install wherever it works best in your home.

Fireplace Contura i51
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Light your stove correctly

How to light your stove

Six hit tips for greener and more efficient firing. Light your wood stove correctly.

Light it right
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Instructions and manuals

Installation instructions, manuals and how-to videos for your stove.

Instructions and manuals

Wood burning stoves from Contura

Selection of wood burners and fireplaces

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Hot posts about the life with a wood burning stove and how to create a "lagom" space.

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Contura 800 Style

Contura 800 Style

The new Contura 800 Style features an updated, even more elegant design.

Wood stove C800 Style

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