Contura 800 Style

Contura 800 Style Wood burning stoves

The Contura 800 Style features an updated, even more elegant design. But above all, added features for easier fire lighting and tending. An autostarter for fast fire-lighting, a booster to revive embers, and a silently sliding ash pan are just some of the new features to add to the pleasure of a real fire. With a wide range of models and add-on options, you can be sure of finding your ideal stove.

If design award logotype

International designprice rewarded to Contura

Swedish Contura has won the internationally renowned iF Design Award and the Red Dot Deign Award 2020 . The award goes to the Contura 800 Style – a fiery stove with a contemporary expression and great personality and style.

Contura 800 Style - A large stove family with a new look

Complete Contura 800 Style series

10 models, and multiple variants of each one. Contura 800 Style gives you a wide range of options to choose from. But all of the wood burning stoves have one thing in common – the elegant and contemporary design we call Style, an update on the earlier Contura 800 range. We’ve enhanced both the finish and the features. Taller and wider glass panes, side panels with fewer joins and more colour options are just some of the design upgrades. Innovative functions like an autostarter for fast fire-lighting, a booster to revive embers, and a silently sliding ash pan make making and tending a fire so much easier.

Flexible and personal

Contura 800 Style different sizes

Range of sizes

The new Contura 800 Style range has been made slightly taller than its predecessor, the Contura 800s. The new Style range comprises several models of different heights, from compact, wall-mounted stoves to the taller pedestal models.                          

Contura 800 style stove tops

Stove tops

The stove top gives you that finishing touch. Depending on the model you go for, the Contura 800 Style models are available with a painted aluminum top in black grey or white, black glass or soapstone.                                                                                                          

Contura stove doors

Stove doors

With the Contura 800 Style range, you have the option of a going for a glass door. But if you prefer a more traditional look, why not opt for a classic cast-iron door? For our stoves with a log store underneath, you can also choose a soft-close covering door in a matching colour.

Contura 800 Style fire visiblity

Flame visibility

Watch the flames and enjoy the cosiness from different angles of the room. With side panes on your stove, you’ll be extending the fireside ambience in your home. But no glass at the sides has its advantages too – more of the appealing side panels to appreciate!

Contura 800 Style lower door

Storage space door

A door cover for the compartment beneath the fi rebox (certain models only). Ideal for items such as gloves, matches etc.

Contura 800 style with integrated turntable

Integrated turntable

To make your stove the centrepiece in your interior and enjoy the fire from all directions (only available for the 870 and 886), the turntable is built into the base.

Wood stoves with smart features

The autostarter for fast fire-lighting, the booster to revive embers and the silent-slide ash pan are all features we are confident you’ll appreciate in the Contura 800 Style. We have also enhanced a number of features generally in this range such as enlarging the air ducts for easier fire-lighting, made the door easier to open and close, and improved the effectiveness of the stove seal.

Automatic start function logo

ASF - Automatic start function

Is an ingenious function that automatically controls the lighting air through the grate. It means that the door can be shut at the same time that the start-up fire is lit and the stove therefore becomes completely independent of room air. Which means it feels safer not having to leave the stove with an open door during the start-up fire. It is also perfect for modern buildings with negative pressure. The function is unique to Contura and a patent applied for.

Refuelling boost function logo

RBF - Refuelling boost function

With the boost function you can ”save” embers that have nearly died. You just open the handle on the left, new oxygen flows in from below and brings out the embers so that the new wood catches light. After a short time you can once again enjoy a beautiful fire and heating.

Silent sliding ashtray logo

SSA - Silent sliding ashtray

Beauty in the smallest detail we say – and mean it. Contura 500 Style has a new ashbox, which, thanks to its design and damping function, slides quietly and softly during emptying.

New smart features

The firebox in the Contura 800 Style has been given an innovative new design to further boost the heat output. In addition, the handles are now easier to operate and are designed to not to get hot while the stove is burning.

Materials options

Black and understated? Soft and sensitive grey? Or stylish and contemporary white – a new Contura 800 Style variant? Perhaps a stove with naturally heat-retaining soapstone is the ideal option for your home? With the Contura 800 Style you can mix and match to your taste and be confident that your stove will have a finish that is not just elegant but also durably high quality and resistant to the occasional blow from your fire tongs or poker. Combined with an assortment of stove tops and doors in different materials, you have all the choice you need to customise your dream stove.

Contura 800 Style Black

Contura 810 Style

Compact and capable

Contura 820 Style in soapstone with a glass door

Contura 820TG Style

Natural soapstone

Contura 856G Style with side glass

Contura 856G Style

Let the fire be seen

Contura 856T Style with soapstone

Contura 856T Style

Side panels and soapstone.

Contura 856WG Style

Contura 856WG Style

A work of art for your wall.

Contura 870 Style

Contura 870 Style

Put your fire on a pedestal!

Contura 856G Style with side glass

Contura 886G Style

An airier look.

Contura 890 Style black

Contura 890 Style

Impressive presence.

Contura 890T with soapstone

Contura 890T Style

A dramatic impression.

Contura 896G Style with a glass door

Contura 896G Style

More space for warmth

Contura wood burning stoves

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Contura i8 Cassette

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Contura 800 Style

Contura 800 Style

The new Contura 800 Style features an updated, even more elegant design.

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Contura i61

Contura i61 - The warm heart and hearth of your home.

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