Heat Retaining Soapstone Wood Stoves from Contura

Soapstone stoves produce and store heat at maximum output. The soapstone stoves have, as well as their natural good looks, the ability to retain heat over a long period and heat is produced at a comfortable and even level. Contura soapstone stoves are available in several sizes.

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Soapstone stoves give maximum heat for longer

The soapstone’s long cooling time means that the heat is evenly distributed for a longer period of time. Its ability to retain heat and withstand flames directly makes soapstone a perfect natural material for a stove; it will stay hot for hours without the need for re-filling. That said, the heat from a soapstone stove is even and comfortable allowing you to sit close to it, while the surface of the stone doesn’t get too hot – an added safety advantage for those with young children or pets.

Our larger soapstone stoves allow you to bulk fill for hours of maintenance-free heating. There’s no need to get up in the middle of the night to load the fire, and you can fill your stove in the morning with peace of mind that it will still be hot when you arrive home later.

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The Soapstone frame gives Contura 520T naturally heat retaining qualities. The stove is compact and easy to find a spot for in your room. Each Soapstone stove is naturally different and unique due to their different shade and grainings.

Soapstone stoves for a natural and warm home

Having an open fire in your presence makes you feel more in contact with nature, so why not make that feeling stronger by having the fire framed by a beautiful Soapstone that originates from nature itself? Soapstone is not only a natural material that makes every fireplace unique with its graining that’s different every time, but it also has the ability to retain heat and withstand flames. Soapstone is also a relatively soft material which makes it perfect for creating a reliable and beautiful frame for your own unique log burner.

How does a soapstone wood stove work?

What’s the reason for using a soapstone in a wood burning stove? Well, it differs slightly in comparison to a stove in sheet metal. A sheet metal stove heats up the room with radiant heat and convection air just minutes after the fire has been lit. But the sheet metal also makes the heat decrease faster after the flames have gone out. A soapstone on the other hand takes a little longer to heat up the room, while being able to store the heat and then emit it for several hours even after the fire has gone out, thanks to its fine properties. (see graph below, last addition of wood made at 03.00). If you want more information you can read about this at heat retaining stoves. Functionally, soapstone stoves are placed somewhere between a sheet metal stove and a tiled stove, depending on how much soapstone is in it.

Fireplace accessories for Soapstone wood burning stoves

Soapstone stoves can be made even more practical with our range of fireplace accessories. A fan distributes the hot air and allows it to spread rapidly from room to room, while larger stoves can be fitted with an olivine heat tank for even greater heat retention and distribution in larger rooms. These are just a few of the options available for our collection of log burners.

Browse our range of soapstone stoves above. To find out more or see a soapstone stove for yourself please get in touch with your local Contura dealer.

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