Install a wood burner
Contura has a stove that suits your style, whoever you are

Install a wood burning stove and enjoy the heat

Contura is available in a number of models and sizes. Common to all of them is a generous area of glass that shows a lot of the fire as well as Swedish design, quality and manufacturing.

Which Contura are you?

How large an area can the stove heat? What does the area where the stove is be located look like? There are different factors that determine the choice of the size of the firebox, the heating capacity as well as the size of the stove itself. The differences between the stove series are in the shape of the casing and the size of the firebox. Each series has different variants and different stove casings, so that you can choose the exact characteristics you want from your stove. In addition, there are accessories for different purposes, for example, heat retention and wood storage.

When you are clear about what suits your needs, the most important thing remains: To choose a stove that is easy on the eye and that will be a dear friend to the home for many years to come. We are sure that you will find a favourite.

Installera en braskamin från Contura

Here are some basic steps for installing a wood burning stove.

Spara pengar med en braskamin

Adding a wood burning stove to your home can help you reduce heating costs.

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