Replace your old stove
Get more heat from your firewood

Replace your old stove with a new, efficient heat source

Many homes are equipped with a stove, but it is a large part of the owners who do not know the benefits of modern wood-burning technology. By replacing your old stove with a new efficient and environmentally friendly stove, you make both the environment and your economy a favor. With a modern stove, you get more heat from your firewood and do not contribute to increasing the greenhouse effect.

Step-by-step (swedish subs)

Modern stoves with the latest combustion technology.

A modern fireplace cannot be compared to old fireplaces or older stoves when it comes to combustion. Newer wood-burning stoves have a technology that ensures complete combustion, which provides good heat economy and environmentally friendly firing. If the stove is fired correctly, it will be carbon-neutral heat that does not contribute to the greenhouse effect

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