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No, Contura manufactures stove products and all sales of stoves, accessories and spare parts are done via retailers.

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The output is given in kW (kilowatt) and corresponds to the heat given off by the stove at a certain time. The more you burn, the greater the heat output. An electric radiator normally gives off an output of 1 kW. An sauna unit normally gives off a full output of 5 kW.

Specified energy

If the stove has an output of 4 kW for 10 hours the house has been supplied with an energy volume of 40 kWh (kilowatt hours).


The relationship between the exploited and supplied energy in a system. The higher the level of efficiency (0-100%) the better the stove exploits the supplied energy, in the form of the logs that are burned. A stove that is wood fired usually has an efficiency of 50-70 %. Most Contura models have levels of efficiency in excess of 70%.

Contura is available in a number of models and sizes. What you should consider is: How large an area can the stove heat? What does the area where the stove is be located look like? There are different factors that determine the choice of the size of the firebox, the heating capacity as well as the size of the stove itself.

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The stove selector

There a lots of Conturas. Let the stove selector help you find the right one!

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Yes, all products in our current range are approved. Contura stoves already comply with the new Ecodesign standards due to be introduced in 2022.


Declaration of performance is the manufacturer's declaration that the product (wood burning stoves and fireplaces) meets specified properties. The document may be may be required to install a stove or chimney.

Here you will find declarations of performance

If you would like to report a product complaint, please contact the dealer where you purchased the product.

Note that if too little kindling is used when lighting, or if the wood is too thickly cut, the firebox will not reach the correct operating temperature. Incorrect lighting can lead to poor com-bustion with heavy sooting and may result in the fire going out when the hatch is shut.

Download lighting instcructions here

Take a look at our movie, light it right

Please refer to supplementary instructions or ask your local authority for advice regarding building regulations. Before installing a stove or erecting a chimney it is necessary for you to make a building application permission to your local authority.

Final inspection of the installation

It is extremely important that the installation is inspected by an authorised chimney sweep before the stove is used. Also read the ”Lighting instructions”, before lighting for the first time.

In our stoves there is a type of "yellow bricks" mounted on the sides and in the top of the combustion chamber. The fire bricks are are called vermiculite and they insulate the stove and ensure that it can keep warm. The bricks are usually easy to replace and you can buy new ones from your local dealer.

When should I replace the fire bricks?

The fire bricks are a consumable and the lifespan varies depending on how much you fire and if you bump into the bricks with firewood at insertion. The lifespan of a wood stove would diminish immensely without protection from the bricks. Without the fire bricks, the excessive heat of the exterior steel on the wood stove could set fire to combustible objects around the stove. You should replace broken fire bricks immediately with Contura original bricks. Replacing the broken bricks extends the life of your wood stove.

How to remove the fire bricks

Ta bort sidoplattan i brännkammaren

Lift the smoke baffle with one hand whilst removing the sides.

Ta bort den övre plattan i brännkammaren

LLift down the smoke baffle and then remove the remaining pieces.

Contura solid-fuel stoves are developed and manufactured by NIBE AB. In accordance with these conditions a five-year (5-year) warranty is given, starting from the date of delivery, against defects in materials and manufacturing, with the exception of defects relating to the components described below. A warranty of only twelve (12) months is given for components in the fire-box (for example, Hearth cladding, cast iron components, baffles, glass and sealing strips), for cladding and surface finishes (for example, tiles, concrete, glass and lacquered metal), and for electrical components.

The warranty does not extend to defects arising as a result of the fact that

  • the installation and operating instructions have not been observed;
  • the assembly work has not been carried out correctly;
  • the Product has been subjected to over-heating caused, for example, by using the wrong
    type of fuel or excessive amounts of fuel;
  • the Product has been connected to a chimney producing a poor draught; for example, a
    short chimney or a chimney which is not properly sealed;
  • the Product has been stored in a damp, unheated environment;
  • the Product has been maltreated and has not been maintained in accordance with the
    instructions provided;
  • the defect is the result of normal wear and tear on components that occasionally need
    replacement; or
  • due to similar circumstances which are not the result of defects in materials or manufacturing.


Contura stoves are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We explain how to find the serial number of your stove from Contura.

Freestanding stoves

On our freestanding stoves you can usually find the serial number around the ash tray on the left side. On some models, you may need to pull out the ash tray a little to find the serial number

Fireplace inserts

To find the serial number of our insert cassettes, you need to open the lid of the insert and there you will find the serial number on the left side. When it comes to smaller inserts such as the Contura i4, you may need to pull out the ash tray to make the serial number visible. On our larger cassettes, such as the Contura i61, you first need to lift the cover to reveal the serial number on the right side of the insert.

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