Contura 300
Cubic comfort

Contura 300 wood burning stoves

Is it time to up the comfort factor? Then take a look at the Contura 300 stove. You’ll discover almost endless variations for building the stove or cassette exactly as you want it. What's more, there's space for logs that are half a metre long. We call it cubic comfort.

Contura 300 IF Design Awards 2019

Swedish Contura has won the internationally renowned iF Design Award. The award goes to the Contura 300, a modern stove that combines excellent design with Swedish engineering achievement. Contura has a long-standing partnership with Myra Design which is responsible for the design of the Contura 300.

If you enjoy piecing things together, then this is the stove for you

The wood burning stove Contura 300 is the perfect choice if you know how you want your stove to look. Do you want a black or white stove? A soapstone or artstone surround? A cast-iron or glass door? Do you want a log box? You have a choice of three log boxes. There's also a drawer and other smart accessories.

Artstone and soapstone radiate heat longer

Natural artstone or soapstone surrounds give the C300 series an even more exclusive look. The stone also plays an important role in storing heat and maintaining the temperature for a longer period of time.

The Contura i7 is the cassette model of the series.

The Contura i7 allows you to customise your fireplace exactly as you want it. Place it inside a fireplace that you design yourself or, as illustrated, create your own unique solution. The Contura i7 is black and available with a glass or cast-iron door and steel frame.

Log storage the way you want it

You can choose a matching log box to go with the Contura 300 series. The box enhances the aesthetic appeal and practicality of the stove which you put together to suit your wishes and your home.

The generous glass door frames your fire beautifully. The door strikes a modern note and opens easily with a handle that doesn’t get hot.

If you light correctly it is a cheap heating method and kind to the environment. Find out the best way to light your stove.

Pick your favourite and personalise it with accessories

There are many variations of the models in the Contura 300 series. Pick your favourite and combine it with one or more of the specially designed, practical accessories.

Wood burning stove Contura 310 – Cast iron door

Cast iron door, Black metal

Wood burning stove Contura 310G - Glass door

Glass door, Black metal

Wood burning stove Contura 310G - Glass door, white metal

Glass door, White metal

Soapstone stove Contura 320T - Cast iron door

Cast iron door, Soapstone

Soapstone stove Contura 320TG - Glas door

Glas door, Soapstone

Artstone stove Contura 320A - Cast iron door

Cast iron door, Artstone

Artstone stove Contura 320AG - Glas door

Glas door, Artstone

Wood stove Contura 330G - Glas door

Glass door, Black metal

Contura 300

Cubic comfort - Se the movie about Contura 300

Mix and match

The log box comes in three sizes and can be placed underneath or at the side of the stove. If you prefer concealed rather than open log storage, you can order a drawer for the box.

Log box small

B 570 x H 375 x D 375 mm

Log box medium

B 750 x H 375 x D 375 mm

Log box large

B 375 x H 850 x D 375 mm

Black glass hearth plate

The glass adds modern and elegant style to the stove. Easy to remove when cleaning.

A hotplate adds another useful feature to your stove

A hotplate adds another useful feature to your stove. Perfect for when you want to use the stove to heat up food and drink.

Practical, spacious drawer to place underneath the stove

Practical, spacious drawer to place underneath the stove or inside a Medium log box. Black metal only.

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