Fireplace Contura i51
A modern classic.

Contura i51 Fireplaces

Contura i50 – a popular insert in our product family. Now with an updated design and new smart features, it’s even easier to let this insert become an integral part of your home. The Contura i50 is a versatile fireplace insert that is simple to install wherever it works best in your home. We also offer the insert as a complete fireplace, the Contura i51, with a choice of painted steel, Soapstone and Artstone surrounds.

New possibilities with the HR glass

Contura i51 HR glass

HR (Heat Reflective) glass is a revolutionary new product that reflects heat back into the combustion chamber. The generous glass area and our Clean Burning System means that you see the maximum amount of fire. The glass door has a durable frame of the highest quality, a detail that gives a long service life without the function being affected. New damper design with the best control on the market.

Updated design and performance

The new Contura i50/i51 is completely new inside. The firebox now has more volume thanks to a new concave cast-iron base and vermiculite lining. With this additional space the fire is more visible and the visual effect is enhanced.

Contura i51 with freestanding log box

Log box

Choose to add an easy to position log compartment that goes perfectly with the insert and the surround. You determine where and how it should be located. Strong enough to use as a bench or extra surface.

Heat retaining Powerstone

Heat storage

A heat-storing magazine by Powerstone gives you even greater power from your stove. The magazine stores heat and spreads it evenly over a long period of time.

Contura i51 black with 2 log boxes

Place it against a wall

Because the depth is only 500 mm and it can be placed directly against a combustible wall, the insert is very easy to position in a room.

Contura i51 white

Versatile recess

The Contura i50 insert is now easier than ever to install so you can start enjoying the warmth and comfort it provides without delay. The Contura i50 is available with two different recess frames.

Contura i51 with handle


The integrated booster lets you revive embers that have nearly died. Simply open the damper fully to let oxygen flow into the stove and blow life into the embers to set the new wood alight.

Contura i51

Contura i50 has generous glass on three sides and surrounds in wonderful materials so that you can create the environment that you want.

HR-Glass from Contura

HR glass is a revolutionary new product that reflects heat back into the combustion chamber by up to 16 times more than normal glass.

Fireplace Contura i51

Painted steel is practical and has an elegant appearance. Soapstone is a naturally heat-retaining stone that makes every fireplace unique due to its natural veining. Artstone is a cast, polished, velvety smooth concrete that is unique to Contura. This living material also gives each stove a one-of-a-kind character.

Contura i51 black

Contura i51

Black or white steel for a classic style

Fireplace Contura i51

Contura i51 with Artstone

Contura i51A

Artstone brings restrained elegance to all interior styles

Fireplace Contura i51A

Contura i51 with concrete

Contura i51AN

The raw concrete structure gives the home a really bold expression.

Fireplace Contura i51AN

Contura i51AA in Artstone Anthracite cast

Contura i51AA

Artstone Anthracite is a cast, polished, velvety smooth concrete.

Fireplace Contura i51AA

Contura i51 with soapstone

Contura i51T

Comforting, heat retaining natural stone with natural variations.

Fireplace Contura i51T

Design your own fireplace with the Contura i50 insert

The fireplace is also available as an insert, Contura i50. Let the fireplace discreetly blend into the wall, or create a bold design where only your imagination sets the limits. Build a unique fireplace with the Contura i50 insert.

Design your own fireplace with a Contura i50

Contura i50

Example of a unique site-built fireplace with Contura i50

Contura i50 insert

Contura i50 insert

Contura i50

Create a unique fireplace with the insert i50

Contura i50 insert

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