Wood burning stoves from Contura

Contura wood burning stoves are built to the highest standards of quality, offering a high energy output and outstanding style that is unlike any other on the market. If you want to see the maximum of the fire choose from our wood burning stoves – most of the stoves have really generous glass areas on three sides.

Our wood burning stove range

Soapstone stoves are recognised for their maximum heat storage and output, thanks to the properties of the soapstone. The high output from these woodburning stoves makes them ideal for heating small cottages or large rooms with high ceilings; they are also useful in the event of a power cut, providing heat throughout the night without the need for refilling. Soapstone stoves with fans help to circulate the air more effectively to help supplement the heating requirements of your entire building.


Open Fireplace Woodburning Stoves

If you don’t have room for a free-standing woodburning stove in your home or would prefer to complement your interior with a statement architectural piece, our masonry stoves are the perfect choice for you. These open wood burning fireplaces can be designed to match your interior with a range of options to choose from. Built into its own stylish concrete column, each masonry fireplace features a wide expanse of glass so you can enjoy a fabulous view of the flames within. With energy efficiencies of over 80% these wood burning fireplaces are a fantastic choice for bringing heat and cosiness into your home.


Please have a browse of our collection of woodburning stoves, and if you need help narrowing your choice down take a look at our wood burning stove selector. If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to visit your local UK dealer.

Contura 610 Style
The stoves in the Contura 600 Style series have become more attractive all round: they heat better and have both improved and new features. But most of all they have been redesigned, have new surrounds, doors and colours.
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Price from:£2195
Contura 35 low Award winning wood burning stove available in black or white steel and with glass door. Wood Stove Contura 35 low
Contura 35 high Woodburning stove with exclusive design and excellent heat production. Wood Stove Contura 35
Contura 310 The Contura 300 is the perfect choice if you know how you want your stove to look. Wood Stove Contura 310
Contura 330G The low Contura 330 enables you to place your fireplace at floor level. Wood Stove Contura 330
Contura 510 Style The large glass door spreads the light and heat around the room. Wood Stove Contura 510 Style
Contura 520 Style The Contura 520 Style stove with cast iron door gives maximum heating output from minimal area. Wood Stove Contura 520 Style
Contura 556 Style The generous side lights mean that you can see the fire from different angles in the room. Wood Stove Contura 556 Style
Contura 586 Style With the wood burning stove mounted on a pillar, the fire gets a lift. Wood Stove Contura 586 Style
Contura 596 Style Our much loved stove with a new, exciting cast iron door and larger sidelights. Avaialble with ... Wood Stove Contura 596 Style
Contura 610 Style Contura 610 Style is the smallest model in the grown up 600 series. Wood Stove Contura 610 Style
Contura 620 Style Contura 620 Style is equipped with heat retaining powerstone and convection damper as standard. Wood Stove Contura 620 Style
Contura 690 Style The Contura 690 models give the majestic impression of the tiled stove with the advantages of ... Wood Stove Contura 690 Style
Contura 710 The new, simple style stove without glass side panels fits neatly in a corner. Wood Stove Contura 710
Contura 750 A high mounted firebox and very generous glass areas make this stove the burning heart of your ... Wood Stove Contura 750
Contura 750A With aluminium clad sides and rear panel the stove is a really attractive centre piece. Wood Stove Contura 750A
Contura 780 This stove can also be installed on a turntable and placed in the centre of a room. Wood Stove Contura 780
Contura 810 Style A compact stove for easy positioning in any interior. The stove is available in grey, white and... Wood stove Contura 810 Style
Contura 856 Style A stove doesn’t just spread warmth and cosiness. The visual impression is just as important. Wood stove Contura 856 Style
Contura 856W Style Our wall-mounted model is practical and raises the fire to make it more visible. Wood stove Contura 856W Style
Contura 870 Style Raise your stove and give the fire pride of place in your interior. Wood stove Contura 870 Style
Contura 886 Style A pedestal stove makes the fire more visible in your interior. Wood stove Contura 886 Style
Contura 890 Style The tall 890 spreads warmth and cosiness all around and will be a natural feature for your fami... Wood stove Contura 890 Style
Contura 896 Style With its generous side panes and tall format, the 896 gives the fire the pride of place it dese... Wood stove Contura 896 Style