Contura 100

Stoves that always find room

Contura 100 - A stove series that fits every home

Compact, sturdy and dependable. A classic style that fits perfectly and enhances any home, whether it's traditional or contemporary. The Contura 100 series offers two free-standing stoves, Contura 110 & 130 as well as a beautiful Fireplace cassette with the Contura i1. Choose to either revitalize your old mantelpiece or design and build a new fireplace according to your personal preference. The decision is yours.

Discover the Contura 100 series

Are you looking to build the fireplace of your dreams? Or are looking for a compact and timeless free-standing stove that fits into any home? The Contura 100 series have stoves and fireplace cassettes for any home, regardless of design!

Contura 110

Contura 110

Contura 110, a timeless and compact free-standing wood stove. Revitalize your old fireplace or mantelpiece!

Contura 130

Contura 130

Compact format meets practical functionality. Contura 130 combined with a firewood compartment. Available August/September 2024!

Contura i1 4 sided

Contura i1 insert

Contura i1's timeless design and compact format makes it fit into any household, regardless of style.

Contura 110 placed in a old fireplace inside a living room

Contura 110 - A stove thats easy to place

The Contura 110 is a compact and timeless free-standing wood stove that fits perfect into almost any home, regardless of style. Despite the stoves compact and practical size, there is nothing small about the warmth it produces and the lasting impression the Contura 110 creates in a room. Whether you have a cottage or a house, the Contura 110 will be an effective heating source. The wood stoves compact size and timeless design gives you limitless option to either create your own dream stove or breathe new life into an old existing mantelpiece.

Fireplaces and mantelpieces are more than just a heating soruce, it's a living and breathing part of your home. Yet, alot of homes have a mantelpiece that sits dormant. With the Contura 110 you can bring your old fireplace back to life! The compact, free-standing cast iron design fits almost any fireplace. With Contura 110 you can rediscover the original purpose of your fireplace - To spread warmth and joy in your home.

Contura 130 with wood compartment installed in a cabin

Contura 130 - Timeless and functional

With a more modern flair, Contura 130 is the sibling of the Contura 110. Contura 130 is sharing the same firebox as the Contura 110, but with enhanced versatility. Paired with a matching firewood compartment, Contura 130 is a both compact and practical wood burning stove. Contura 130 is a efficient heating solution for various types of homes, whether it's a house, cottage or why not a conservatory. The compact design of the stove gives you free hands to create the fireplace of your dreams.

Contura 130 features a exclusively designed firewood compartment. The log box is perfect if you wanna lift the fire up from ground level while also having the firewood close at hand. So wheather you seek the practical storage solution or appreciate the minimalistic and timeless design, log box ticks all the boxes. Choose if you want to use the log box open for practical firewood storage or if you want to have a door for a more minimalistic impression with the possibility to conceal whats inside.

Contura i1 with 4 sides

Contura i1 - Fits perfect into any room

Contura i1 is a cast iron fireplace cassette available with both a 3-sided and 4-sided frame.The fireplace insert features a minimal and timeless design which makes it fit into any home, wheather it have a modern or traditional design. Contura i1 is perfect cassette for everyone that wants to build your own fireplace. Bring warmth and joy to your home!

Contura i1 and Contura 110, contrary to an open fireplace, provide a much more efficient heating. Partly due to that open fireplaces tend to draw heat from the room instead of add to it. With the new and modern Contura i1 and 110 the heat is instead emitted through the glass door. This result in improved heat economy, a higher efficiency and a modern combustion technology.

Modern engeenering and minimalistic design - Contura 100 series

The Contura 100 series are crafted and designed utilizing Conturas latest technology. This ensures that both the lighting of the stove and maintaining the fire will be a problem free experience. With the damper set on max, it provides an oxygen boost the the fire. This makes it possible to light the fire even when the stove door is closed.

With a combustion efficiency of over 80 %, and a 5 kW effect, you can be sure that Contura 110, Contura i1 and Contura 130 maximise the amount of heat energy you get from your firewood, while minimising particulate emissions.

Contura i1 with 3 sided frame

Contura i1

Three sided frame, black color.

Contura i1 with 4 sided frame

Contura i1

Four sided frame, black color.

Contura stove 110 with legs

Contura 110

Freestanding Contura 110 on legs.

Contura 130 freestanding

Contura 130

Freestanding Contura 130.

Contura 130 with log compartment

Contura 130

With wood compartment.

Contura 130 with log compartment and hatchet

Contura 130

With wood compartment and hatchet.

Contura wood burning stoves

New logburners and fireplaces

Contura 300 with firewood storage

Contura 300

Is it time to up the comfort factor? Then take a look at the Contura 300.

Contura 800 style with soapstone

Contura 800 Style

The new Contura 800 Style features an updated, even more elegant design.

Contura i61 grey

Contura i61

Contura i61 - The warm heart and hearth of your home.

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