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  • Contura i8 cassette with options

    Swedish Contura has launched a new fireplace cassette that will add to the comfort of your home, every day. The brand new Contura i8 built-in cassette provides glorious heat and views of the flames in...
  • Red Dot Design Award goes to Contura 800 Style

    Swedish Contura has once again won the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award for outstanding design. The award goes to the Contura 800 Style – a fiery stove with a contemporary expression and...
  • International design award to Contura 800 Style

    Once again, Swedish Contura has won the prestigious international IF Design Award. The award goes to the Contura 800 Style, an elliptic stove with an elegant and contemporary design that offers multip...
  • Contura 800 Style small but fiery

    Contura 800 Style is a large stove family in new guise. Contura 800 Style is an upgrade of the old 800 range, but with a more elegant, modern, stylish design. The upgrade also introduces more features...
  • Contura i61 makes the hearth the heart of the room

    Choose the Contura i61 if you want your stove to be the focal point. The stove has been designed by Myra design agency for Swedish Contura, and its compact, sleek look makes an impressive statement. G...
  • International design award to Contura 300

    Swedish Contura has won the internationally renowned iF Design Award. The award goes to the Contura 300, a modern stove that combines excellent design with Swedish engineering achievement.
  • Replace your old stove and save money

    Winter is upon us and with it come the cold and high electricity bills. However, there is money to be made by replacing your old stove with a new one – and those who do not have a stove can make even ...
  • Contura 300 – cubic comfort with variation

    Swedish Contura has the hottest news – a range of stoves that can be customised to any taste and home. The cube-shaped Contura 300 range offers a multitude of variations. Its wide-screen-window displa...
  • Easy to light green for a better environment

    About a million Swedes have already installed stoves in their homes, and more are on the way. Stoves mean lower electricity bills and a greater cosiness factor. But a lot of people do not know how to ...
  • The Contura 600 range is expanding in style and size

    The popular Contura 600 stove is becoming more stylish, growing larger and changing its name to Contura 600 Style. New surrounds, doors and colours all enhance its look, along with many upgraded featu...

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