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When it comes to choosing your fireplace, many people know whether they want to opt for an electric, gas or wood-burning fire. Here at Contura, we have a range of high-quality wood burning fireplaces and stoves to choose from. So, if you have decided you would like a wood burning fireplace or stove, but haven’t quite decided on your perfect option, then hopefully we can help!
National Swedish Day National Swedish Day on 6 June is the perfect opportunity to embrace a more Swedish way of living. What can one of the world’s happiest nations teach us? Read more
Scandinavian Stoves for your Home Scandinavia is known not only for its minimalist home décor but also the practicality and usability of their furniture designs. From IKEA to H&M, the Scandinavian way of living has become popular in the British household. Contura designs and develops all our products in Sweden, where not only do we make quality products that look great, but we do so as eco-friendly and efficiently as possible. Take a look at some of our stoves and fireplaces below that truly capture the essence of Sweden. Superior Swedish Quality
The best fireplace for a basement Basements are fast becoming an area of the house to decorate and turn into a liveable space in the home. Whether you choose to turn yours into a den, home office or spare bedroom, a fireplace will not only fill an otherwise cold cellar into a cosy, warm basement room but is also a gorgeous feature to have. Basement Fireplace Ideas
The great British barbeque Time to fire up the BBQ: Tips from wood burning stove company, Contura, for getting the best results this BBQ season. Time to fire up the BBQ