What to put behind a wood burning stove?

After you have purchased a wood burning stove, it is time to consider the backdrop and surround to create a focal point in your room.

The only limit to fireplace and surround design ideas is your imagination. But when thinking about where to put your wood burning stove and other design aspects, safety should be your primary consideration. The correct materials are vital to prevent injury and avoid heat build-up.

Whether you are considering a minimalistic look or something more complex, below we give you ideas for what to put behind your wood burning stove.

Wood burning stove Contura 710

Wood burning stove Contura 710

First consider the materials

It is important to consider safety alongside design when creating your log burner fireplace. Using wallpaper is not recommended because it will heat up and peel off. Similarly, plastering behind your stove will result in cracks forming due to the heat.

Brickwork and stone are popular choices and give a rustic, natural feel. Wood beams can be incorporated at the top of an alcove to give extra design flair or to form a mantlepiece. Tiles and metal are also popular choices for log burning stoves.

Raised hearth

A raised hearth is the most simple solution and gives a sleek, timeless appearance for any household. Choose a thick tiled hearth for a bold appearance or opt for a thinner design for a more subtle approach. Combining a tiled stone hearth with a rustic brickwork surround works well. Add a wood beam for an extra touch of class.

Stone veneer

A stone veneer fire surround is the perfect way to house your log burning stove. In many cases, you can create the surround yourself with minimal DIY experience. Stone is the perfect material for using around heat and gives a traditional, rustic feel. You can choose from randomly shaped stones or custom size blocks.

Metal/industrial look

For a modern appearance, place a metal backdrop behind your wood burner. You can attach a metal panel to the wall or create a custom structure, depending on your requirements. A metal background gives an ‘industrial loft’ look and feel, mimicking the refurbished warehouse highrises of cities like New York.

Alcove/flat wall

If you are lucky enough to have an alcove in your home, you can opt for a ‘flat wall’ surround using specialist fireplace chamber lining panels. These heat-resistant materials will never overheat and provide a practical, economical solution. Typical designs include imitation red brick, black and oyster slate, and herringbone.

Or just use as a centrepiece

Placing the log burner in the middle of your room is a popular alternative to fireplace surrounds and wall-mounted stoves. Corner log burning stoves are another option to consider if you cannot decide on a suitable surround. Both options give a classic Scandanavian look and feel to your home.

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