Merry Christmas from Contura!

We love Christmas here at Contura! After all, what better way to spend Christmas than in front of your highly-sophisticated wood burning stove? The weather might be getting colder, but as we get closer to the festive season, that simply gives us more reason to huddle up and get cosy by our wood burning stove.

If you don’t have your own wood burning stove, then Christmas is the perfect time to buy. So, in this blog post we provide a guide on what wood burning stoves can evolve your home for 2020!

Wood Burning Stoves from Contura

Wood burning stoves are not only a practical way of heating your home and keeping yourself warm during the winter months, they create a wonderful ambiance in your home.

Contura stoves are built using the finest sustainable materials and offer a high-energy output. Discover our extensive collection of wood burning stoves to find the perfect model to suit your needs.

Soapstone is the perfect natural material for a wood burning stove, as they distribute heat evenly throughout your home. Featuring natural lines and curves that offer a fantastic aesthetic, discover Contura’s range of Soapstone stoves.

The wood burning stove accessories from Contura will make an excellent Christmas addition to your home this winter. Accessories include, turntables, drawers and doors and hot plates. Browse our full range of wood burning stove accessories now.

If you have a limited amount of space in the room where your wood burning stove is situated, you may want to opt for a log store for convenient storage space. Or if you want to try out baking on your wood burning stove, then why not opt for one of our baking ovens?

As you can see, the wood burning stoves from Contura offer more than simply a way of heating your home. You can make your wood burning stove unique and suitable to your lifestyle.

Contact Contura for Wood Burning Stoves

We want to help make your Christmas 2019 a truly special one with one of our wood burning stoves.

If you are interested in a wood burning stove from Contura, then please contact us online.

Why not begin the New Year with an excellent, and sophisticated, way of heating your home? Contura wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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