Dont Rely on Electricity for Heat This Winter

The news is full of warnings that the National Grid has just 4% of spare electricity capacity for the UK this winter, sparking stories of potential power cuts throughout the winter months. While power cuts aren't ideal at any time, in winter they pose a particular threat as many of us rely on electricity for heat – without it we'll soon feel the chill. With a wood burning stove however there's no need to worry about your home's heat being cut off by a lack of electricity. As long as you have wood to burn and a match to hand, you can enjoy energy efficient heat throughout the winter months.

Electricity-Free Log Burning Stoves

We have a huge selection of wood burning stoves to choose from including stove and fireplace inserts. Complement your home with a stunning log burning fireplace that fills your home with comfortable heat while reducing your reliance on electricity – therefore reducing your bills!

At Contura we know that one of the main reasons people choose to have a fireplace in their home is to enjoy watching the flames within. That’s why we’ve designed our log burning fireplaces and wood burning stoves with large glass windows so you see the wood burn without compromising the efficiency of the stove. Each log burning stove and fireplace we manufacture burns wood at over 80% efficiency.

Contemporary and Traditional Fireplace Inserts

Soapstone and cast iron are the material of choice for wood burning stoves that provide heat for hours without the need for re-filling, which is why we at Contura have a selection of stoves and fireplaces made from these heat retaining materials. We also have a collection of freestanding stoves that can be installed pretty much anywhere in your home – who says stoves have to be traditional?

For more information please contact your local Contura dealer and check out the range of electricity-free wood burning stoves we have to offer.

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