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Wood stove fan

Fan for wood burning stove

With a fan fitted on your wood stove, the heat spreads rapidly and effectively from room to room. The fan distributes the heat quickly and provides a more even temperature. It is thermostat-controlled and starts automatically when the fire is lit and stops when the fire has gone out. Easy to install and can also be retrofitted, retaining the outdoor air connection. The fan is neatly concealed in a metal plinth the same colour as the stove.

Fan for wood burning stove

Fan for your wood stove

Fan is available as an accessory for the Contura 20 series, the 30 series, the 500 series and the 600 series.

Warmth spreading from the fan illustration


A Contura stove with fan spreads the pleasant heat quickly and efficiently.

Fan for wood burning stove

The fan

Provides quick distribution of heat and smoother temperature. Specifications: 240V, 50 Hz | Effect 40W

Controller for wood stove fan

Controller unit for stove fan

With the control unit, the fan's power is regulated in fixed steps. Choose between automatic or manual mode.



240V, 50Hz





Outside air connection


Automatic and manual mode


Contura wood burning stoves

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