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Who doesn’t love cast iron? The easily formed, tough and beautiful material has been used for so many appliances through our history. Things that should be really stable, strong and heavy are made of cast iron, everywhere from manhole covers in the street to Grandma’s frying pan, for example. This is the tradition behind Contura’s tough and modern cast iron stoves, designed by young Swedish designers. Whichever cast iron wood burning stove you choose you will get a small and robust stove that shows a lot of light and heats for a long, long time.

Not sure which log burner or fireplace would best fit your home? Then use Contura's flexible and smart Stove Selector! With the Stove Selector, we recommend a wood-burning stove or fireplace that suits your needs and home, based on a few questions. It only takes a few minutes, so get started now and find your dream stove today!

Price includes VAT. Shipping costs are additional as are costs for the chimney, accessories and installation. Please contact your local dealer for a complete price.

Cast iron Fireplace inserts & free-standing Stoves

Cast iron stoves can be used free standing or as a fireplace insert. The timeless design of our cast iron stoves and fireplace inserts mean you can enjoy the traditional look of cast iron with a contemporary twist in the form of a wide glass door which provides a fantastic view of the fire burning within.

Latest cast iron Stoves models

Traditional, efficient and cosy: it’s no surprise that cast iron is one of the most popular choices for wood burning stoves. This material transfers heat very slowly, preventing warping when the stove is first lit. As a result a cast iron wood burning stove stays hot for a very long time, distributing heat evenly throughout the room without making it uncomfortable.

Cast iron stoves burn wood at over 80% efficiency ensuring you get the most benefit from the fuel you buy. Add a stylish and traditional look to your home with a cast iron wood burning stove from your local UK Contura dealer today!

Cast iron stove with a dog

Cast iron stove Contura 51 with straight shapes and four adjustable legs. The pipe can be connected to the fireplace directly to the back, straight up through the ceiling or as shown on the pictura above, with an elegant curved connecting pipe.

The benefits of a cast iron stove

Heating costs for electricity and gas seem to rise every winter – and that's just one of the many reasons why you will be happy with your purchase of a cast iron stove.

  • A cast stove is robust and keeps the heat for a long time.
  • The cast iron material is extremely resistant to temperature changes and does not twist.
  • A cast iron stove is extremely easy to maintain and easy to use.
  • The cast iron stove is timeless and impresses with its classic design of black cast iron.
  • The top of the cast iron stove can also be used as a hot plate.

Cast iron stove in home

Cast iron stove Contura 52T with heat retaining soapstone walls. Our hotplate top is a popular option. Perfect for cozy evenings at home or for unexpected power outages. This stove is connected straight at the back to a masonry brick.

How to take care of your cast iron stove

To be able to truly enjoy your cast iron stove for a long time, cleaning it regularly is crucial. Luckily it doesn't take that long.

  • Clean the inside of the stove with suitable tools.
  • Empty the ashtray regularly.
  • Clean the glass to remove any soot deposits and remove any ash that may have stuck to the inside of the door.
  • How often your cast iron stove requires cleaning depends on how often it is used and the type of wood you use.

Contura wood burning stoves

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Contura i8 Cassette

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Contura 800 Style

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