HR glass from Contura
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Innovate with Clarity: HR Glass by Contura

HR (Heat Reflective) glass is a revolutionary new product that reflects heat back into the combustion chamber by up to 16 times more than normal glass.

This means that more heat stays inside the stove, creating a more efficient burn, less soot on the glass and a more beautiful, cleaner fire. A Contura stove with HR glass provides a more comfortable feel in modern, well-insulated homes.

Several of our Stoves now feature HR glass

Contura i40 & i41

Contura i40 | i41

Contura i41 - The feeling of an open fire

Contura i50 & i51

Contura i50 | i51

Contura i51 - An insert for the modern home

Contura i60 & i61

Contura i60 | i61

Contura i61 – The warm heart and hearth of your home

This is how it works

Clear glass icon

Clear glass

More heat is reflected into the stove so that less soot forms on the glass.

Clean burn icon

Clean burn

Higher temperature in the stove produces a cleaner, more beautiful fire.

Comfortable heat icon

Comfortable heat

Less heat radiates through the glass and creates a feeling of comfort in modern homes.

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