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Contura fireplaces are high quality Swedish products

Innovative Warmth: Features and Advantages of Contura's Wood Burning Stoves

A stove from Contura will spread warmth and cosiness in your home for many years to come. Find out all there is to know about wood burning stoves. Read about the features and benefits of Contura log burners. 

Fire visibility icon

High flame visibility

Several of Contura’s models have generous glass areas that display a lot of the fire. Our symbol for flame visibility indicates how much flame a particular model displays.

Cast iron stove door

Cast iron door

In order to resist the stresses that arise with the large temperature variations, the door must be made from shape-retaining cast iron.

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Manufactured to the latest standards. Contura stoves already comply with the new Ecodesign standards due to be introduced in 2022.

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Swedish made and guaranteed

Contura fireplaces are high quality Swedish products developed and manufactured by NIBE Stoves. With a five year stove body factory warranty and good service you can rest secure for the service life of the stove.

Clean burning air flow illustration

Clean burning system

The combustion air is heated to extremely high temperatures and flushed out onto the inside of the glass, which prevents soot build-up. This ensures that the fire is always visible in the room.

contura airflow illustration

Powerful convection

The cool room air is drawn into the stove from underneath, is heated and rises. Just a few minutes later the hot air flows out into the room.

Green leaves

High level of efficiency

The efficiency is the relationship between the energy the stove gives off and the energy that is supplied in the form of logs. Contura fireplaces have an efficiency of up to 81%.

Contura stove closeup picture

Simple to use

Contura products are equipped with a single control for exact output regulation, which allows simple and precise combustion control. The door, grates and ash-pan are also easily accessible.

Heat-retaining powerstone

Heat retention

For maximum efficiency in heating, it is possible to choose different heat retention properties for several of the Contura models.

Wood stove in two colours


Contura is available in a number of variants and models. You can install a completely new stove, integrate with the existing chimney breast or stove and most importantly find your own style.

Kettle on a Contura hot plate

Many options

Supplement with one or more options such as a powerstone heat tank, hot plate or finned grille.

Contura stoves and fireplaces

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Contura brochures

Contura brochures

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Stove selector

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