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Scandinavian style meets continental charm

Tiled Stoves from Contura

Contura tiled stoves are the perfect choice for those that love tiled stoves but still want to see the fire – you do not need to choose one or the other, you can have both! Tiled stoves are incredibly efficient at heating your home with a gentle and comfortable heat that radiates from the tiles rather than the fire. Tile stoves were first invented in the 18th century as a solution to heating Swedish homes in the ‘mini ice age’ without depleting the country’s forests, and since then have been an energy efficient material of choice for wood burning stoves.

    • Contura 790 is inspired by, and uses natural materials. The tiled stove is available with white high gloss tiles. Thanks to its compact size, Contura 790 is easy to position. It attracts attention through its shape and not its size. Attention to detail makes it a beautiful piece of furniture that comes to life with a fire.
    • Flame visibility

      Flame visibility


    • Heats


      120 M²

    • Output


      5 KW

    Price from:

    £ 3,150

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Scandinavian style meets continental charm

Contura tiled stoves are clad with specially manufactured tiles of the highest quality. Available in gloss white or matt sand colour, tiled wood burning stoves are an ideal choice for those that are looking for something different to complement their home.

Contura provides tiled stoves with a contemporary twist to suit today’s modern style. Our tiled stoves are available in a range of sizes to suit your home, though all offer high standards of energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Enhance tile stoves with fireplace accessories

Contura offer several fireplace accessories that allow you to take maximum advantage of the heat from your tiled woodburning stove. Olivine heat tanks retain heat for even longer, adding hours to the amount of time between re-filling the fire. Hotplates and baking ovens can be added to your Contura tiled stove for multi-purpose heating benefits, while an outside air connection makes for more efficient combustion. The tiled oven feel is further enhanced with tiled options such as a top and warming shelf.

However you want to enhance a Contura tiled stove, your local UK Contura dealer can help. Get in touch through our Dealers page and see how a tiled stove can benefit your home!

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