Contura’s Favourite Small Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are a great addition to any home, and Contura have a great selection to choose from. Fireplaces from Contura combine modern, sleek designs with the traditional log burning feature for a classic yet contemporary stove. Warm your cockles and cosy up with a cup of tea and a good book in front of your very own fire! Don’t have a lot of space? Don’t worry, having a small room doesn’t mean you can’t own a stove with our range of small wood burners.

Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves

Many of Contura’s stoves are created to stand independently, and the Contura 856 is no different. This fireplace is only 36cm deep so it won’t take up too much space in your home, and even has a storage compartment underneath to keep your chopped wood. Its innovative design incorporates three glass panels to provide a view of the crackling fire from every angle without loosing any heat or efficiency. To ensure our stove compliments your existing décor, you can customise the top panel in a choice of painted aluminium, soapstone or glass when you choose the Contura 856 Stove.

Swedish Stoves and Fireplaces

Swedish design is all about practicality as well as style, and this is a concept that Contura carries over to our wood burners. The Contura 886 is a pillar mounted stove that offers a near 360 view of the flames, meaning your entire room, no matter how big or small, will look beautiful in the soft glow of your fire. With a number of customisable features, take a look at the Wood Burning Contura 886 here. There is even an option for a turntable, so you can effortlessly turn your stove all the way around.

Small Indoor Fireplaces from Contura

Can you get smaller than a fireplace that can sit directly on your floor? The Contura 330G is a floor-level stove that can either be used as a stand-alone wood burner or as an insert into an existing hearth. With a single glass panel at the front, the 330G is ideal for smaller spaces that need a bit of help with heating. We can’t think of anything better than spending an autumn’s night in front of a crackling fire, and with the summer months rapidly coming to an end you can get a head of the game and take advantage of a fireplace now. See more of the Wood Stove Contura 330G External link. for a stunning, traditional fireplace.

Stunning Open Fireplace Wood Burning Stoves

Are you after the perfect wood burning stove from Contura? If your space is a little smaller, then we can help you find a fireplace for smaller rooms, with many dealerships and partners across the UK, simply pop in and speak to an adviser today. Find a dealer info for Contura fireplaces near you.

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