Benefits of a Cast Iron Stove

When choosing a wood burning stove, it’s important to consider the benefits of both cast iron and steel models. Both materials are used by Contura to create stunning stoves and fireplaces that are fantastic additions to any space. Discover the differences between cast iron and steel and find the perfect design to suit your needs.

Cast Iron Wood Burning Stoves

Cast iron stoves are a traditional favourite when it comes to choosing a stove or fireplace due to their timeless design. Contura have a great range of cast iron stoves in classic and modern styles to suit any home. Cast iron was first used to create wood burning stoves due to the steady supply of heat they provide, as well as the durability of the material which can easily be moulded to create beautiful, intricate motifs within the metalwork.

Due to the fact that cast iron is so robust, it is very unlikely to warp or bend out of shape, ensuring your stove lasts for a long time. Whilst its counterpart, steel, does heat up somewhat more quickly than cast iron, the latter retains the heat and keeps your room warm and cosy long after the fire has gone out.

Steel is also a great alternative for those who prefer a sleek, modern look to their interior, but it is also worth noting that Contura offer a great range of steel and cast iron fireplaces and stoves in contemporary and traditional models. Any stove you choose from Contura is created with the finest materials with meticulous attention to detail and are built to last. Take a closer look at our cast iron stoves here.

Find the perfect stove for you

If you have been inspired by our cast iron or steel fireplaces or stoves, or if you would like to know more about any of the products available with Contura, then get in touch today! With many dealers across the UK stocking Contura stoves, you can find a showroom nearest to you.

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