The Contura Style Wood Burning Stove Collection

Wood burning stove Contura 596G Style

The Contura Style collection is a range of stunning wood burning stoves that combine aesthetics, efficiency and practicality to heat your home. Here is a quick overview of each wood burning stove in the Contura Style range.

Wood burning stove Contura 510G Style

The Contura 510 Style wood burner is designed to be positioned in corners so it is perfect for smaller spaces. With a large, wide-angled glass door, light is cast around the room and the flames are clearly visible. Integrated handles in the front of the stove give the Contura 510 wood burner a sleek appearance that complements traditional and contemporary environments.

Wood burning stove Contura 520 Style

In a similar style to the 510, the Contura 520 Style has the additional feature of a 100kg heat-retaining powerstone top and convection damper, which retains and distributes heat long after the flames within have burnt out. Integrated log storage makes keeping your wood burning stove well-stocked even easier.

Woodburning stove Contura 556G Style

With integrated side windows and a large glass door, the Contura 556 Style wood burner provides an almost panoramic view of the fire with a modern twist. New for 2015 is the white 556 Style and it has proven incredibly popular. Contact your local Contura dealer to find out more.

Wood burning stove Contura 856 Style

The Contura 586 Style is a firebox mounted on a pillar, with an optional turntable giving you the freedom to turn the fire, directing the heat and light wherever you choose. A modern take on a traditional fitting, this wood burning stove is a compact yet powerful stove that provides up to 7kW of heat.

Wood burning stove Contura 596 Style

The tallest wood burner in the Style collection, the 596 has a grand appearance with a wide angled view of the fire and the option of a heat retaining powerstone or fan for extra heat output, making it perfect for larger rooms. Available in black or grey, this wood burner is one of the most popular in the Style collection.

To find out more about the Contura style wood burners, please contact your local Contura dealer.

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