The best fireplace for a bedroom

Most houses when they were first built had a second fireplace in a bedroom, usually the master, to provide heat throughout the house. Nowadays when old properties are renovated, fireplaces are removed from bedrooms as with the introduction of central heating, there is little purpose for one in a bedroom. However, wood burning stoves have made a comeback in recent years and add value to a property.

Stylish Contura stoves for bedrooms

Contura manufacture and sell different types of wood burning stoves throughout Europe which are suited for bedrooms and can be installed in any property whether there is or isn’t an existing chimney. The technology used to create Conturas means that your property doesn’t need a chimney to install a stove, there are models available which can be installed that sit against a combustible wall for a fuss-free installation.

Wood burner living room ideas

When it comes to thinking about the best fireplace for your bedroom, Contura cater for all space sizes. We have models available which would suit larger bedrooms, such as the Contura 690 Style. This stove is tall making it ideal for loft bedrooms and comes with a hidden storage compartment for logs, matches and protective gloves. The big front glass provide extra light and heat for the room and the Contura 690 Style comes in a choice of colours.

For homes where a stove no longer sits in the fireplace, the new Contura 330 would be ideal. It is designed to be placed at floor level so it can sit inside an existing fireplace which is no longer used. This is perfect for where space is limited and to create a cosy atmosphere in a small space. You can design your own fireplace with additional log boxes depending on available space for the Contura 330.

For a modern twist on a fireplace, choose something a little different. The Contura 780 can be installed in the centre of a room to create a focal point and an easily accessible stove. The central position also makes heat distribution more efficient and a light source which creates a cosy atmosphere in any bedroom. Learn more about the Contura 780 features and specifications.

Find your nearest Contura dealership

Contura stoves are sold throughout Europe through reliable dealerships. The range of Contura models on display at your local dealership will help you choose the best one for your bedroom. Find your nearest dealership today. Visit our showroom to find the perfect model or browse our full contemporary stove collection online.

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