Eco-friendly contemporary log burners

Contura is a leading manufacturer of contemporary log burners, creating stoves and fireplaces that are not only stunning aesthetically, but are also energy efficient. Being eco-friendly is incredibly important to Contura and we strive to ensure every one of our designs is environmentally smart.

Energy efficient wood burning stoves

The experts at Contura are always refining the combustion efficiency in our stoves. Unhealthy particulates and hydrocarbons are formed during the combustion proves and an inefficient system can emit these harmful materials into the atmosphere. Contura’s standards for efficient combustion are high and we make sure every one of our stoves is CO2 neutral.

Contura stoves are efficient because the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced during combustions is low and taken up by new trees as they grow. They lessen the reliance of the main heating source in a home without having a harmful effect on the environment. When compared to other stoves, Contura’s designs are 80% more energy-efficient thanks to the use of the latest combustion technology.

The efficient combustion technology involves air supply to the stove at different stages. Initially, air is supplied to the fire bed before reaching the back of the stove via a spreader. This means the stove never runs out of oxygen, allowing it to burn in a cleaner and more efficient way.

Log burner fireplace ideas

Contura’s wood burning stoves have amassed a reputation for quality, sleek designs and a high-energy output. Designed to meet the heating requirements of your entire home, our stoves can be fitted with fans to circulate the air in a more effective way.

If you’re looking for a modern log burner fireplace to suit your interior, take a look at the Contura 500 Style models, some of the best log burners on the market. There are a wide variety of style options, such as a top in glass, cast iron or soapstone, which enables you to create the perfect contemporary wood burner for your home.

Alternatively, a floor-level modern log burner fireplace may be more suited to your household. The Contura 330G External link. has a sleek black metal design and has the choice of three log boxes to add to your statement fireplace.

Unlike any other wood burning stoves on the market, Contura allows you to have an original design whilst still being energy efficient, ensuring you have plenty of log burner ideas. Visit all of Contura’s wood burning stoves and start searching for that dream fireplace.

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