Benefit from a wood burning stove this winter

We’re now waving goodbye to summer and heading into autumn, and there really is no better time to invest in a wood burning stove in preparation for winter. There are numerous advantages to having a wood burning stove installed. Not only will you save money on your central heating bills, you’ll be adding unique character and elegant appeal to your property.

An environmentally-friendly way to heat your home

Contura is dedicated to creating sustainable, environmentally friendly stoves that are carbon neutral. The level of combustion efficiency in our stoves puts them well below the permitted limits, meaning a Contura stove helps you to do your bit towards helping the environment.

Our stoves are extremely efficient and reduce the level of central heating required, helping you to save costs and emissions.

A range of wood burning stoves to heat your home from Contura

Contura stoves are extremely high-quality, including the wood burning stoves collection. We allow you to choose the one that suits your needs and requirements.

The size of your new stove is an important choice since you’ll need to consider the size of your property and where the stove will stand in the dedicated room. There are many models and sizes of stoves to choose from at Contura.

The best way to choose the size of your wood burning stove is to measure the space where you wish to install your stove and measure its distance from anything flammable. Then you will need to calculate the size of the area you want the stove to heat.

Once you have opted for a particular stove you will then be able to choose the type of stove you’d like. Our collection of stoves includes models such as tiled stoves, cast iron stoves, fireplaces and masonry stoves. We also sell other optional equipment to enhance the use of your stove in your home.

Find a UK dealer and purchase your wood burning stove today

You may opt for a stove with a lot of glass, so that you can see a lot of the fire, or you may choose a stove that is completely closed in so you cannot see the flames at all. There are numerous ways that you can customise your stove, with additional inserts and accessories.

If you would like to purchase a wood burning stove from Contura in preparation for winter, then find a UK dealer on our website. Contact Contura online for any more information on any of the wood burning stoves and fireplaces we supply.

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