All you need to know about wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves can make a beautiful addition to any home, combining sleek, elegant designs with practicality and functionality. Although it is summer and we may not be feeling the need to curl up in front of the fire, there is no better time to prepare for when the nights get longer and the temperature begins to drop.

At Contura, we are proud to provide wood burning stoves that are extremely high-quality and perfect for a number of homes.

There are some misconceptions regarding wood burning stoves that can dissuade some from choosing one for their homes. Contura have compiled some helpful information so that you can purchase a wood burning stove with peace of mind.

Environmentally smart wood burning stoves

A Contura stove is CO2 neutral, because the quantity of carbon dioxide produced during the efficient combustion of bioenergy is taken up when new trees grow.

By opting for Contura, you are choosing a more environmentally-friendly option of wood burning stove.

Contura stoves are safety tested and come with a five-year warranty.

When purchasing a Contura wood burning stove, you can be confident that you are opting for a safe product that you can return if any major problems with manufacture arise.

CE marking is an important part of EU product legislation and, ultimately, the CE mark on the Contura wood burning stoves prove that they meet CE standards of safety.

Contura stoves are available with a five-year warranty, so if any problems, however unlikely, do arise, you’re covered.

Getting the best performance out of your stove

The installation process of your wood burning stove will depend on the type of stove you choose. The stoves are easy to implement and installation instructions are available on our website.

A wood burning stove works by drawing cool air from the room from underneath. This air is then heated, and rises, flowing out into the room.

You can use the controls on the front of the stove to ensure effective air flow and prevent soot build up.

Ordering a Contura stove

Contura are leading suppliers of high quality wood-burning stoves that add a spectacular focal point to any room. For more information on any of our models you can contact us online or visit our UK suppliers page to find the nearest official Contura provider to you.

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