Get the Festive Feel with a Wood Burning Fireplace

The festive season is here, bringing with it freezing temperatures and the urge to hibernate in front of a nice cosy fire. Fireplaces are surging back into popularity in the UK but not the traditional open fireplace; modern stove inserts are enclosed to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. At Contura we have responded to the increase in demand for wood burning fireplaces by designing and creating a range of masonry fireplaces and stove inserts to suit different environments. Whether you have a small alcove to house a stove insert or want to install a masonry fireplace complete with surroundings into your home, Contura have you covered with our wide selection of masonry fireplaces and stove inserts.

Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace insert is designed to fit perfectly into your home, Large glass doors provide a fabulous view of the fire burning within just like a traditional fireplace, though 90% of the heat generated will be projected into the room rather than up the chimney! Capable of burning wood chips, pellets or logs, fireplace inserts are a versatile and cosy way to bring energy efficient heat into your home this Christmas.

Masonry Stoves

Masonry stoves are built into a sandstone or soapstone block. This option is ideal for larger rooms where there is no alcove for a fireplace and you want to create the built-in look. Available in different colours and materials, masonry stoves can have a central or angled door to suit the layout of your room.

Wood burning fireplaces can also be customised to suit your needs. There is a variety of fireplace accessories available for our stoves including outside air convection to improve energy efficiency, and fans to improve the circulation of heat throughout the room.

Discover Contura stove inserts and masonry fireplaces at your local Contura dealer!

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