Stay Cosy with a Woodburning Stove

It’s looking like summer could be over. It’s almost September and the nights are drawing in as the temperature drops. If you’re already thinking about the sky high heating bills that winter brings, you really should consider installing a woodburning stove in your home.

Reduce Energy Bills with Woodburning Stoves

Why? Because woodburning stoves are energy efficient, easy to install and using one will significantly reduce your reliance on gas or electric heating – therefore reducing your bills. Best of all, you don’t need a fireplace to benefit from a Contura woodburning stove as we have created several models that are completely free standing, allowing you to place them anywhere.

With a Contura woodburning stove you can easily control and monitor your heating through the wood you use. The right placement of your woodburning stove is essential for getting the most out of the heat, but with a Contura stove it couldn’t be simpler. Many of our models turn 360 degrees, so you can easily turn your stove to direct heat in the direction of your choosing. Placed near stairs, the heat from the stove will spread further and with the help optional equipment like a fan you’ll get even more heat convection, heating your whole home from one fire.

Fill Your Home with Energy Efficient Heat

When fuelled with properly dried out wood (less than 30% moisture content) our freestanding stoves burn at 80% efficiency, filling your home with a high heat output that is simply unmatched by conventional forms of heating in terms of cost and convenience. Our woodburning stoves heat up within minutes so there’s no difference between waiting for the radiators to warm up as there is for our stoves to start burning and kicking out heat. Plus you get the benefit of having a real beautiful fire in your home without worrying about smoke or losing heat through the chimney. What can be better than that?

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