No Fireplace? Get a Freestanding Stove!

You don’t need to have a fireplace or alcove to benefit from a beautiful wood burning stove. At Contura we’ve designed a selection of freestanding stoves that can be placed pretty much anywhere in your home to provide energy efficient heat – and they look fantastic too. Contura freestanding stoves offer a fabulous view of the fire within thanks to the panoramic glass doors that are fitted onto every stove we supply. Fusing modern technology with traditional style, our free standing stoves are a brilliant choice for houses that want to benefit from energy efficient heat and create a focal point for their living area.

Free Standing Stoves Anywhere in the Home!

Our free standing stoves can be installed in corners, against walls or even in the centre of the room to create a truly unique look in your home! With a freestanding stove you have the freedom to turn the stove any which way you want – so wherever you’re sat in your home, you can benefit from the full heat of your stove and enjoy the look of the burning flames.

Made from the highest quality materials, each Contura stove is extensively tested to guarantee long lasting quality. Available in a wide range of styles, Contura freestanding stoves allow you to enjoy cost effective heating regardless of the size of your home. Every home deserves a wood burning stove, even if it’s not quite in the traditional way!

Optional Extras for a Wood Burning Stove

Take a look at the optional extras you can add to a Contura free standing stove to make it truly your own. From fans for more efficient heat to a baking oven to make your wood burning stove even more versatile, the number of options is great at Contura!

Find your nearest UK Contura dealer and come and see our range of free standing stoves for yourself. It’s a great chance to talk to our specialists about your requirements!

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