Discover the Finest Swedish Stove Inserts

At Contura we are proud to design and manufacture the finest stove inserts and log burning fireplaces that Sweden has to offer. We use the most efficient materials to manufacture our stoves, which ensures you receive the maximum benefit of increased energy efficiency and fabulous aesthetics. Stove inserts are a great way to enjoy a log burning fireplace without losing most of the heat up your chimney and worrying about the smoke it produces. Burning behind the confines of a wide glass surround which allows you to enjoy a spectacular view of the flames, stove inserts reach their maximum heat output in just a few minutes so your room will warm up nicely in no time.

Design Your Own Log Burning Fireplace

With our Swedish stove inserts you have the freedom to design your very own log burning fireplace to perfectly match the style and decor of your home. Combining traditional style with modern technology and design, our stunning Swedish stove inserts perfectly complement both contemporary and traditional surroundings.

At Contura you have the freedom to make your log burning fireplace your own. We offer a selection of optional extras including olivine heat tanks for storing heat, floor protection, fans for effective heat convection and even a baking oven! These optional extras allow you to tailor your log burning fireplace to suit your individual requirements, whether you want to spread the heat around the room, make your stove multi-functional or choose a different look for the top of the stove.

Find a Stove Insert Dealer Near You!

There’s never been a better way to enjoy a log burning fireplace than with a Swedish stove insert from Contura. Manufactured by NIBE and certified in accordance with the Swan mark of quality, each log burning fireplace is guaranteed for safety, efficiency and durability. Contura has stove dealers across the UK so your perfect stove isn’t far away!

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