What is a Fireplace Insert?

There’s nothing quite like a crackling fire to make you feel cosy – but if you’re looking for warmth, a traditional fire sadly won’t do much good. Traditional (think: open) fireplaces pull the warm air out of the room into the fire, and are estimated tom operate at just 5 to 10 percent efficiency. The rest of the heat is either lost through the chimney or into the materials surrounding the fire, and when temperatures are below freezing an open fire actually uses more energy than it creates – not what you’re looking for!

Fireplace Inserts are Efficient and Cosy

Fireplace inserts are designed to increase the efficiency of a fire. Made from steel or cast iron with a glass front, fireplace inserts retain the heat created by the fire and redistributes it back into the room – sometimes with the help of a blower or a fan. Thus, rather than losing heat up the chimney, fireplace inserts make sure you benefit from every last flicker of flame and even the burning embers.

At Contura we have a selection of beautiful fireplace inserts and log burning stoves that use wood or pellets to heat your home efficiently. Made from cast iron, sandstone or soapstone, our log burning fireplaces look fabulous and feature a range of options so you can make sure it suits your home and requirements perfectly. With various sizes and optional extras available we provide log burning stoves and fireplace inserts for everyone, whether you have a small home or a grand hall to heat.

High Standard Log Burning Fireplaces and Stoves

Best of all, our log burning fireplaces are made to the highest standards! Each log burning stove and fireplace insert we supply are developed and manufactured by NIBE stoves, a Swedish manufacturer renowned for their quality and standards. Each log burning stove and insert includes a five year warranty and is Swan marked – guaranteeing safety.

So if you want to heat your home in a stylish and efficient manner, look no further than a log burning stove or a fireplace insert from Contura. Take a look at our stove selector if you’re finding narrowing down your choices difficult!

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