Make the Most of Your Money with Soapstone and Cast Iron Fireplaces

Soapstone is excellent at retaining heat and distributing it after the heat source is long gone, so it only makes sense to use this useful and attractive material for fireplace inserts! Here at Contura we have a wonderful selection of soapstone stoves which offer maximum heat output even after the fire within has long burnt out. This makes them the perfect choice for people that don’t want to keep filling up their stove or for environments that need to maintain a regular temperature – and most of us want that in our homes anyway! Our stunning soapstone fireplaces can meet the heat requirements of a small home or cottage. Because they are so adept at absorbing heat and distributing it more evenly than a standard fireplace, soapstone fireplaces can be relied on to heat your home throughout the night or during the day when you’re not around.

A Heat Tank Makes the Most of Your Soapstone Fireplace

Supplementing a soapstone fireplace with an olivine heat tank will provide a greater output of heat for larger areas; in laboratory tests the cooling period of the stove was 12 hours with a closed damper and 8 hours with an open vent! A fan can also be added (instead of a heat tank) which will provide an additional kick of hot air and help the warmth circulate throughout the room to nearby areas.

For unsurpassed heat output a soapstone stove really is the perfect choice, offering up to 80% energy efficiency and 9kW of heat. With a range of models to choose from we are confident that our soapstone stoves will be everything you want from a fireplace!

An alternative to a soapstone stove is a cast iron fireplace insert. Strong and energy efficient, our cast iron fireplace inserts complement both modern and traditional homes and stay hot for a long time – the ideal choice for any home. With a stylish design from talented Swedish designers, our cast iron stoves can be used as a fireplace insert or stand alone stove depending on your requirements

See the Fire with a Cast Iron Fireplace

Cast iron fireplaces from Contura offer a beautiful view of the burning fire within, adding a cosy touch to your home which simply can’t be replicated with other forms of heating. Offering up to 82% energy efficiency, cast iron stoves make the very most of the wood you use and will definitely make your money go further – who doesn’t want that?!

There are several optional extras for our cast iron fireplaces including an air inlet and floor protection metal. You can customise the colour of the handle and have a choice of how much glass is used; front glass, front glass with narrow side lights or front glass with wide side lights. Adjustable legs are also available so you can tailor the height of your stove to suit your requirements

Stunning Energy Efficient Fireplace Inserts

Whatever type of heat retaining stove you’re looking for, you can bet that you’ll find it here at Contura. With a broad range of stunning stoves, fireplaces and fireplace inserts, we can cater for all types of home and architecture. Try our Stove Selector to see which kind of wood burning stove would best suit your home!

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