Smart features
New design and new functions

Wood burning stoves with new smart features

Innovative functions like an autostarter for fast fire-lighting, a booster to revive embers, and a silently sliding ash pan make making and tending a fire so much easier.

Automatic start function logo

ASF - Automatic start function

Is an innovative feature that automatically controls airflow through the grate. This allows the door to be kept shut while kindling the fire, making your stove independent of ambient air. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind of not having to leave the stove door open while the fire gets started. This is also ideal for modern homes with negative pressure. The feature is unique to Contura and is patent pending.

RBF - Refuelling boost function

The booster allows you to revive dying embers. Simply release the handle on the left for oxygen-rich air to flow in from below and blow life into the embers to set new wood alight. Before long you’re once again enjoying the warmth of a beautiful fire.

Refuelling boost function logo

Silent sliding ashtray logo

SSA - Silent sliding ashtray

We like to say the ‘beauty’s in the details’ – and we mean it. The re-engineered design and damping feature of the Contura 500 Style, 600 Style and 800 Style range’s ash pan ensure that it slides quietly and smoothly during emptying.

Stylish stove draws all eyes to the fire

Viewed through generous glass doors and sidelights, the fire is quite the eye-catcher in the room. The new Contura stoves are not only attractive, they’re excellent at heating too, providing efficient combustion and multiple features that make it safer and simpler to keep a fire burning. They come in a choice of materials and stove designs, along with heat storage, a fan, hotplate, log box, floor protector and other accessories.

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