Wood burning stoves

An insert for the modern home

Modern houses are more than you see on the surface. Modern heating technology means that a slight negative pressure is created in the building. Your stove insert must always meet high standards for appliance air leakage. Therefore invest in quality ...

Fireplace Contura i51

Freestanding stoves from Contura

A freestanding stove makes it easy to enjoy a real wood fire in your home without the need for a fireplace opening – perfect for those that don’t have the space for a built-in fireplace.  At Contura it’s our mission to create a variety of wood ...

Freestanding Stove Collection

Contura 500 - Now all in Style

Clean, curved shapes, quick heating, lots of options and large areas of glass that show a lot of the fire – over many years this has made the Contura 500 the world's most popular stove. Some time ago we launched Contura 500 Style in a few selected m...

Contura 500 Style

Installing a Wood Burning Stove

Correctly installing your new wood burning stove is essential to ensure the best performance of your stove but also for the safety of your family. At Contura we want to make sure you get years of use and enjoyment from your wood burning stove which ...

Installing a Wood Burning Stove

The Different Types of Fireplace Inserts

The term ‘fireplace insert’ is quite broad and depending on the specific type of log burner you’re looking for may bring up all the wrong results. We at Contura have compiled a guide for the different types of fireplace inserts to help you narrow do...

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Wood Burning Stoves

Contura design and manufacture a wide range of wood burning stoves that are ideal for bringing warmth into any environment. As a leading manufacturer of wood burning stoves in Scandinavia and across Europe, we are passionate about the quality of our products and integrate the highest standards of quality, efficiency and timeless class across our entire selection.

Here you will find our range of wood burning stoves

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Wood Burning Stove Selector

With our stunning collection of wood burning stoves we’re confident you’ll be able to find the perfect fitting for your home, whether you’re looking for something sleek and contemporary or a more traditional type of wood burning stove.

Our wood burning stove selector is designed to make it easier to narrow down our wide selection of wood burning stoves to a selection that suits your taste. Simply select how you’d like to select a stove – it can be based on who you are, your type of home, the stove properties or a combination of all of them – and work through the simple steps to be presented with the perfect wood burning stoves for you.

There is a Contura for every home

Log Burning Fireplace

If you want all the benefits of a stove in a fireplace, our log burning fireplaces are perfect for you. Effortlessly stylish and practical in design, they can be in the form of a fireplace insert or you can design your very own log burning fireplace here at Contura. Bring the warmth and atmosphere of a log burning fire into your home with Contura - take a look at our stunning collection and find your perfect fireplace here...

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